- World 100 Heat Races / B-Mains by Sam Holbrooks


World 100: Preliminaries

Heat Race #1:

Extra tearoffs were the order of the day as Curtis Roberts led the field onto a heavy race track, dampened by brief showers earlier in the afternoon.

Roberts' night ended quickly as the Coleman, Mich. driver popped the wall on the start and limped to a stop, moving Chris Madden and Tim McCreadie to the front row for a complete restart. Madden led McCreadie until seventh starting Darrell Lanigan charged past McCreadie for second on lap five, and the final order was set for the next 15 circuits as Madden, Lanigan, and McCreadie were the first transferees to the "World 100".  Ninth starting Billy Moyer, the 2010 "Dream" winner, advanced to fourth to earn a pole start for the first B-Main.

Heat Race #1 Finish: 1. Chris Madden; 2. Darrell Lanigan; 3. Tim McCreadie; 4. Billy Moyer; 5. Jonathan Davenport; 6. Brian Birkhofer; 7. Eddie Carrier, Jr.; 8. Ryan Unzicker; 9. Derek Chandler; 10. Ryan VanderVeen; 11. Frank Heckenast; 12. Jeff Watson; 13. April Farmer; 14. Bill Lewis; 15. Lee DeVasier; 16. Curtis Roberts; 17. Jerry Rice; 18. Austin Dillon; 19. Tim Rivers.

Heat Race #2:

Despite sitting seventh on the grid in the most competitive heat race field of this year's event, Scott Bloomquist quickly sliced his way past a who's who of racing talent like they were newcomers to the game. The Tennessee ace blasted past Josh Richards, Jimmy Mars, Brady Smith, Jeep Van Wormer, Brad Neat, and a fading polesitter Shannon Babb to take over the lead from Neat with one lap to go in the 15-lapper. Following Bloomquist at the finish were transferees Neat and Van Wormer.

Heat Race #2 Finish: 1. Scott Bloomquist; 2. Brad Neat; 3. Jeep Van Wormer; 4. Brady Smith; 5. Jimmy Mars; 6. Shannon Babb; 7. Chris Brown; 8. John Mason; 9. Josh Richards; 10. RJ Conley; 11. Kevin Weaver; 12. Rick Rickman; 13. Dona Marcoullier; 14. Daniel Baggerly; 15. Andrew Reaume; 16. Richard Neiser; 17. Dusty Moore; 18. Tim Lance; 19. Keith Berner.

Jeep Van Wormer - Eldora Speedway World 100

Jeep Van Wormer rolled out a design for his "Brave the Shave" charity for young adults with cancer that promised to make skinheads of several "World 100" participants.  (Mike Ruefer)

Heat Race #3:

West Virginia driver John Blankenship led a caution-filled third heat race throughout. Matt Miller grabbed second from Will Vaugt on lap three, just before a slew of cautions flew for problems among several top-flight drivers. Those included Steve Francis for a flat tire on lap four, a slowing Mike Marlar, Dan Schlieper, who hit the starting come on that lap six restart, and finally 2009 UMP National Champion Jason Feger.  Finally, Blankenship, Miller, and Vaugt drove away to the top three transfer positions.

Heat Race #3 Finish: 1. John Blankenship; 2. Matt Miller; 3. Will Vaugt; 4. Earl Pearson Jr.; 5. Duane Chamberlain; 6. Dan Schlieper; 7. Jay Johnson; 8. Audie McWilliams; 9. Billy Moyer, Jr.; 10. Chad Stapleton; 11. Chad Smith; 12. John Henderson; 13. Curtis Deisenroth; 14. Dave Hartman; 15. Jason Feger; 16. Steve Francis; 17. Tommy Bailey; 18. Mike Marlar; 19. Dusty Carver; 20. Wendell Wallace.

Heat Race #4:

Kentucky driver Eric Wells led heat race four to green, but outside poleman Jon Henry lost a prime seat when he hit the wall on the start.

Back underway, Jimmy Owens moved quickly from his fourth place start to take the lead on lap two, while Rick Eckert and fellow World of Outlaws regular Shane Clanton quickly shuffled into second and third, where they stayed to the finish. Blankenship dropped off the pace during an early caution.

Heat Race #4 Finish: 1. Jimmy Owens; 2. Rick Eckert; 3. Shane Clanton; 4. Steve Lance Jr.; 5. Jacob Hawkins; 6. Ben Adkins; 7. Jerry Bowersock; 8. Tony Knowles; 9. Rick DeLong; 10. Brandon Thirlby; 11. Tim McCreadie; 12. Jimmy Dehm; 13. Scott Orr; 14. Hunter Best; 15. Terry Wolfenbarger; 16. Eric Wells; 17. Wayne Chinn; 18. Clint Smith; 19. Jeff Babcock; 20. Jon Henry.

Shane Clanton - Eldora Speedway World 100 

The car count was down lower than it has been in decades at Eldora, but there was no shortage of new graphics. Shane Clanton's new Georgia Bulldogs motif was among them.  (Mike Ruefer)


Heat Race #5:

The start of heat race #5 saw the last three cars in the lineup in a tangle, forcing a complete restart that sent Ohio's Zack Dohm on his way into an early lead. Dennis Erb, Jr. and Don O'Neal quickly blew into second and third, which gave the lead to Erb when Dohm suddenly slowed with mechanical issues on lap nine of the 15-lap race.

Erb's term out front lasted only as long as O'Neal could execute a slide job that put the Indiana ace into the top spot for good. Erb finished second, while a recently hot Dale McDowell raced into third.  

Heat Race #5 Finish: 1. Don O'Neal; 2. Dennis Erb, Jr.; 3. Dale McDowell; 4. Brian Shirley; 5. Casey Roberts; 6. D.J. Wells; 7. Dustin Neat; 8. Keith Foss; 9. Scott Schmitt; 10. Shanon Buckingham; 11. Sammy Epling; 12. JR Hotovy; 13. Guy Volk; 14. Donnie Moran; 15. Brian Smith; 16. Zack Dohm; 17. Scott James; 18. Vic Hill; 19. Chad Simpson; 20. Jeff Franklin.

Heat Race #6:

Once again, seventh was a good place to start as Bart Hartman advanced from row four and moved into third behind leader Jack Sullivan and Bub McCool by lap three. Sullivan suffered mechanical trouble and slowed three laps later, and McCool managed to hold Hartman off until lap 10, when the Ohio veteran took charge and checked out. McCool hung on to second, with regional standout Gregg Satterlee claiming third with three laps to go for the final heat race transfer spot.

Early in the race, Ray Cook and Austin Hubbard saw their chances end with race ending damage after the two got together on the first lap. 

Heat Race #6 Finish: 1. Bart Hartman; 2. Bub Mccool; 3. Gregg Satterlee; 4. Michael Asberry; 5. Brandon Kinzer; 6. Chub Frank; 7. Brett Wyatt; 8. Kevin Mack; 9. Carl Ries; 10. Steve Casebolt; 11. Jared Landers; 12. Doug Drown; 13. Jack Sullivan; 14. Greg Johnson; 15. Austin Hubbard; 16. Jordan Bland; 17. Ray Cook; 18. Shannon Thornsberry; 19. Josh McGuire; 20. Anthony Adams.

B-Main #1:

Brady Smith held off some early pressure from Jonathan Davenport, who soon had his own hands full with Billy Moyer. Davenport ducked out under a late caution with just two laps left, and Moyer followed Smith to the checkers. Earl Pearson, Jr. and Brian Birkhofer followed to transfer to the main event.

B-Main #1 Finish: 1. Brady Smith; 2. Billy Moyer; 3. Earl Pearson Jr.; 4. Brian Birkhofer; 5. Duane Chamberlain; 6. Dan Schlieper; 7. Chris Brown; 8. John Mason; 9. Audie McWilliams; 10. Ryan Unzicker; 11. R.J. Conley; 12. Frank Heckenast; 13. Rick Rickman; 14. Chad Stapleton; 15. Jonathan Davenport; 16. Jay Johnson; 17. Derek Chandler; 18. Billy Moyer Jr.; 19. Shannon Babb; 20. Chad Smith; 21. Jimmy Mars; 22. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 23. Ryan VanderVeen; 24. Kevin Weaver.  

B-Main #2:

As a fog began to roll into the speedway, officials tried to hustle the activities along and would later dispense with driver introductions, but first the second B-Main got off with Brian Shirley moving out front and staying put.  Tim Lance tracked his fellow Illinois driver until he got over the cushion and allowed Jacob Hawkins to jump to second, where he would finish behind Shirley.

A mid-race caution flew when the front stretch became cluttered with the spinning cars of Chub Frank, Dustin Neat, Keith Foss, and Michael Asbury. After the cleanup, the top four running order continued as Casey Roberts and Rick DeLong followed Shirley and Hawkins to the finish.

With top two qualifiers Austin Dillon and Josh Richards taking fast time provisionals, the field was set.

B-Main #2 Finish: 1. Brian Shirley; 2. Jacob Hawkins; 3. Casey Roberts; 4. Rick DeLong; 5. Brandon Kinzer; 6. Ben Adkins; 7. Tony Knowles; 8. Steve Lance, Jr.; 9. Jerry Bowersock; 10. Chub Frank; 11. Sammy Epling; 12. Brett Wyatt; 13. Scott Schmitt; 14. Brandon Thirlby; 15. Michael Asberry; 16. Dustin Neat; 17. Kevin Mack; 18. DJ Wells; 19. Keith Foss; 20. Carl Ries; 21. Tim Dohm; 22. Shanon Buckingham; 23. Steve Casebolt; 24. Jared Landers.

April Farmer - World 100 - Eldora Speedway


31-year-old Tennesseean April Farmer became the first female driver to ever win a race at Eldora Speedway. Farmer's feat came in Friday's non-qualifier's race for those who did not make the cut for one of six World 100 heat races. The 14-car field may have been equal to a local weekly track feature, but this was, after all, Eldora.  (Mike Ruefer)

Finish - World 100 non-qualifier feature: 1. April Farmer; 2. Jeff Watson; 3. Russ Frohnaple; 4. Steve Thorsten; 5. Don Gordon; 6. Michael Stiltner; 7. Mike Glynn; 8. Jill George; 9. Adam Thrush; 10. Adam Gendusa; 11. Tom Ramey; 12. Casey Noonan; 13. Randy Boggs; 14. Mike Collins.










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