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 Volusia Speedway Park - Barberville

Oct. 3: Joe Kump has held onto the top spot in the Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Late Model points standings for a while now, but coming into Saturday's feature event, the Lake Helen racer's math told him that he needed to finish 12th or better in order to secure a points championship. 

Meanwhile, Donnie Chappelle had something else to prove coming into the night, as his race team had overcome a season's worth of shortcomings to emerge as the team to beat down the final stretch.  Both were up to the challenge, as Kump concreted himself into VSP championship history with a fourth place finish, and Chappelle dominated the race to notch another win.  Ivedent Lloyd followed Chappelle for the second spot while Jason Davis wrapped up third.  John Kellum had a strong run and finished fifth behind Kump.

Sept. 25: No racing

Sept. 18: No Late Models

Sept. 11 - After the rain and lightning delay, and then the failure of the track lights along the backstretch and in turns two and three, the Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Late Models left staging and took the green flag.  And with the field set by drawing instead of by qualifying, fast cars were scattered randomly throughout the grid, which meant that some contenders had more work to do than others. 

It took all of 10 seconds for current division points leader Joe Kump to rocket into the lead, and from there he kicked in the afterburner.  Lawton Minchew climbed to the second spot but was relegated to the rear on lap 13 after a spin, and as that played out Jack Nosbisch and Larry Anderson came together on the front stretch, damaging the 12 machine to the point that it was no longer competitive. 

But Kump was not home free because Donnie Chappell had something to prove to the fans and track officials after being put on the rear of the starting grid for his failure to assist in working in the clay after the rain.  Chappell charged through the field over the course of the race, catching up to Kump thanks to the caution, which took away Kump's commanding lead.  Chappell gave it everything he had, even to the point of bicycling his race car in the turns, but Joe Kump managed to grab the win while Donnie Chappell settled for second.  Lawton Minchew recovered from his earlier mishap to place third, followed by Adam Bennett and Larry Anderson for fourth and fifth.

Sept 4: Labor Day Late Model Shootout

Labor Day Late Model Shootout (30 laps/$2500 to win)

1- 41K John Kellum
2- 58 Mark Whitener
3- 5 Johnny Collins
4- 21 Ivedent Lloyd
5- 12 Jack Nosbisch
6- 145 Jason Davis
7- 46P Darrell Padgett
8- 25 Donnie Chappell
9- 11 Matt Hartley
10- 18 J.O. Nobles
11- 17 Richard Ferry
12- J17 Joe Kump
13- 32C Phillip Cobb
14- 16W Patrick Williams
15- 42 Adam Bennett
16- 36D Dillon Buhr
17- 07 Doug Watson
18- 22 Brent Carlton
19- 88 Andy Schell
20- 10 Win Ingersol
21- 46 Hamp Conley
22- 23 Lawton Minchew
23- 10M Mike Warren

Aug. 28: No racing

Aug. 21: No racing

Aug. 14: Donnie Chappell has paid his dues to the Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Late Models this racing season, gradually gaining ground on the points leaders.  As he took the green flag on Saturday, Chappell was effectively in second place by simply taking the green, as David Clegg was not present to race.

Lawton Minchew grabbed the early lead, but Chappell snatched it from him after a first lap restart and held it virtually the entire race. Meanwhile, Joe Kump had problems of his own, running over a piece of debris on the front stretch under caution and cutting down his right rear tire. In the rush to get a new tire on and get back to the race before the restart, his crew apparently put a left side tire on the right, leaving him limping on low air pressure and unable to catch the race leaders.

Minchew would briefly pull ahead of Chappell as they dealt with traffic in the final laps, but Chappell prevailed to score the well deserved win. ~ VSP Media

Aug. 14 Finish (12 cars):

1) Donnie Chappell
2) Lawton Minchew
3) Jason Kimball
4) Andy Schell
5) Bobby Richardson

Aug. 7: Rained out

July 31: No racing

July 24: 1) Ivedent Lloyd, 2) Darrell Padgett, 3) Joe Kump, 4) Lawton Minchew, 5) Barry Sheffield

July 10: 1) Matt Hartley, 2) Donnie Chappell, 3) Lawton Minchew, 4) Joe Kump, 5) Darrell Padgett

June 19: Rained out

June 12: 1) Mark Whitener, 2) Ivedent Lloyd Jr., 3) Johnny Collins, 4) Joe Kump, 5) Shane Williams

June 5: Rained out

May 8: No Late Models

May 15 Results:

1. Tyler Ivey
2. Joe Kump
3. Lawton Minchew
4. Donnie Chappell

5. Jeff Phipps

May 8: Off

May 1 Finish: 
1. Jeff Matthews
2. David Clegg
3. Jason Kimball
4. Joe Kump
5. Bobby Richardson
April 24 Finish: 
1. Dillon Wood
2. Brandon Dewitt
3. David Clegg
4. Christian Augspurger
5. Bobby Richardson

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