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 Virginia Motor Speedway - Jamaica

Sept. 4:  2010 started out with so much promise for Stevie Long of Mechanicsville, Md., but a terrible month of July doomed his chances at the Victory Lap Late Mode championship. Once his engine problems were solved, Long went on a tear, winning two of the three events heading into the last point race of the season.

The last race of the year would be no different as Long worked his way to the front from his fifth place starting position to take the lead from point leader Scott Adams on lap five and then cruised to his fifth win of the season. Although he didn’t win the battle, Adams would finish fourth and be crowned the 2010 Victory Lap Late Model Champion. 

“We would have liked to win the championship, but we did what we had to do after all that bad luck in July we went out and won races but Scott (Adams) and his team did a better job all season long and we have to congratulate him on winning the championship,” commented Long in victory lane.

Sommey Lacey and Scott Adams led the field to green with Adams jumping out to the lead just as caution flew for a three car pile up. It took two restarts to get the race back under way with Adams, Lacey and Stevie Long going three wide out of turn four for the lead. Adams would lead the first lap, followed closely by Long and Lacey. 

On lap three, Long worked inside Adams in turn four. The two raced side by side back to turn two, where Long powered to the lead. Once out front, Long began to pull away from the battle for second as Adams worked to hold off Lacey for the position. 

By lap 20 Long had pulled away by ten car lengths when caution closed the field on his bumper. On the restart Long once again darted out to a sizeable lead over Adams as the rest of the field jostled for position.

On lap 25 Lacey began to pressure Adams for second. On lap 28 Lacey powered inside Adams in turn 2 to take over second. On the next circuit Tom Cohick would get inside Adams for third. With the field battling behind him Long would cruise to his fifth win of the season.

Rounding out the top five were Sommey Lacey, Tom Cohick, Scott Adams and Matt Marshall. With his fourth place finish Scott Adams of Chester, Va. was crowned the 2010 Victory Lap Late Model Champion. 

“I have to thank my crew chief Bubba Hubbard for all the hard work he has put into getting this car to the front, it has been a great marriage and I look forward to many years to come with him turning the wrenches. We were consistent all year long and it paid off with a championship,” commented Adams. ~ Dave Seay

Aug. 28:  1) Stevie Long, 2) Scott Adams, 3) David Williams, 4) Matt Marshall, 5) Davis Lipscombe.

Aug. 28: 1) Stevie Long, 2) Scott Adams, 3) David Williams, 4) Matt Marshall 5) Davis Lipscombe

Aug. 21:   No racing

Aug. 14: 1) Stevie Long, 2) David Williams, 3) Matt Marshall, 4) Scott Adams, 5) Davis Lipscombe

Aug. 7: 1. David Williams (Avenue, MD), 2. Davis Lipscombe (Mechanicsville, VA), 3. Sommey Lacey, Jr. (Clements, MD), 4. Matt Marshall (Stuarts Draft, VA), 5. Scott Adams (Chester, VA),

July 24: 1. Scott Adams ( Chester, VA), 2. Matt Marshall (Stuarts Draft, VA), 3. Tom Cohick (Gloucester, VA), 4. Matt Morgan (Hughesville, MD), 5. Ben Bowie (Brandywine, MD)

May 29: 1. Sommey Lacey, Jr., 2. Tim Shelton, 3. Stevie Long, 4. Ed Pope, 5. Scott Adams

May 15:  1. Stevie Long, 2. Matt Marshall, 3. Davis Lipscombe. 4. Scott Adams, 5. Tyler Bailey

July 17: Steel Block Bandit Special - Finish: Matt Marshall, 2. Andy Fries,  3. Sommey Lacey, Jr., 4. Kyle Merkel, 5. Walker Arthur, 6. Scott Adams, 7. Kenny Greer, 8. Matt Cosner, 9. Bruce Kane, 10. Mark Parks, 11. Kristin Looney,  12. Ben Bowie, 13. Tom Cohick, 14. Davis Lipscombe, 15. Tim Shelton, 16. Matt Spaonaugle, 17. Chris Stacy, 18. Andy Gregg, 19. Billy Tucker, 20. Brad Rigdon,  21. Eddie Groome, 22. Gerald Davis, 23. David Williams, 24. Junior Carter, 25. Stevie Long, 26. Joe Leavell.

Jun 25: 1. Tom Cohick ( Gloucester, VA), 2. Scott Adams (Chester, VA), 3. Ben Bowie (Brandywine, MD), 4. Tim Shelton (Fredericksburg, VA), 5. Joe Bounds (Partlow, VA),

April 24: Rained Out

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