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Tazewell Speedway - Tazewell

Oct. 2:  With cool weather finally here, Tazewell Speedway opened its gates one last time for 2010 with seven classes of race cars racing in six feature events, including the crowd-pleasing Super late models racing for a $2,000 first place check. Steve Smith earned his first win here in three years.

Steve Smith - Tazewell Speedway

Veteran Steve Smith clinched the $2,000 final and ended a three-year winnless drought at Tazewell Speedway on the 2nd. (Allen Earl)

Smith got the jump on Jason Trammell and left Rick Rogers and Trammell to battle for second. On lap 11, Rogers fell off the pace, moving Chad Ogle into third, but more importantly moving Trammell to the rear of Smith's Rayburn. After changing a flat, Rogers rejoined.

On the restart Trammell gave a couple of car lengths away but got them back as the caution flag flew for a Jeff Neubert spin in turn two. Trammell slipped on lap 21 and gave a cushion that Smith used to take the win, ending a three-year drought.

Oct. 2 SLM Finish:

1   3 Steve Smith
2   90J Jason Trammell
3   10 Chad Ogle
4   44 Rick Rogers
5   7 Marty Calloway
6   7 Brain Smith
7   86 Jeff Neubert
8   25 Jeff Maupin

Oct. 2 Tazewell LM Finish:

1   T0 Travis Fultz
2   90J Jason Trammell
3   33 Phillip Nichols
4   31 Greg Estes
5   56J Jody Horton
6   O1 Travis Armes
7   1 Jimmy Calloway
8   28 Justin James
9   G7 Billy Gordon
10   79C Marty Calloway
11   14 Scott Grubb
12   73 Richard Atkins
13   21 Bobby Moore DNS

Sept. 18:  In the Tazewell Speedway Late Model class feature, Travis Fultz held off a charge from Jason Trammell to take the victory.

1   TO Travis Fultz               10   34 Phillip Shockley
2   90J Jason Trammell          11   3 J Allen
3   77 Steve Carr                 12   28 Justin James
4   33 Phillip Nichols              13   21 Bobby Moore
5   31 Greg Estes                 14   14   Scott Grubbs
6   97 Keith Chapman            15   41 Johnny Lane
7   11 Anthony Arnwine         16   14 Earl Brimm
8   56J Jody Horton               17   RIII Tyler Dixon
9   31 Warren McMahan
Travis Fultz won the points Championship with Jody Horton named rookie of the year. Second went to Greg Estes and third in points was Jody Horton.

Aug. 28: Travis Fultz had the fastest time qualifying and chose the outside lane to start from. Steve Carr and Greg Estes watched from row two as Fultz and Jason Trammell blasted into turn one. Fultz took the lead and Steve Carr pressured Trammell for second.

Travis Fultz - Jason Trammell - Tazewell Speedway

Travis Fultz (#0) interrupted #90 Jason Trammell's four-race win streak at Tazewell on the 28th. (Allen Earl)

On lap 19 it was a two way battle for the lead with Carr just behind them. Fultz had to struggle at times to clear lapped traffic and Trammell used it well to get close but each time Carr would get close enough to make Trammell pay attention to him and that let Fultz stay ahead and break the four race win streak of Trammell.

Aug. 28 Finish: 1) Travis Fultz, 2) Jason Trammell, 3) Steve Carr, 4) Phillip Nichols, 5) Greg Estes

Aug. 21: No Racing

Rick Rogers - Tazewell Speedway Aug 14

Rick Rogers kept the field at bay to score the Aug. 14th Super Late Model win at Tazewell Speedway. (Allen Earl)

Aug. 14: In Saturday's Super Late Model feature at the Taz, Rick Rogers, Jeff Maupin and Vic Hill pulled away from the field until a lap 17 caution flag was displayed for Bryan Hendrix. His machine encountered problems while fighting with Terry Wolfenbarger for sixth place.

On the restart, Maupin tried Rogers on the low side but Rogers could keep it wound up and slid off once again to a two-car length lead. On lap 24, Maupin could hear Hill close in, but managed to stay ahead of him to secure second. Rogers rolled his BKW, Goddard performance parts Warrior into victory lane after taking a win over Maupin, Hill, Chad Ogle and Steve Smith.
Jason Trammell hit the loud pedal and took the field into turn one, but was soon racing side by side with Travis Fultz after the start of the Tazewell Late Model feature .

A lap eight caution flag was thrown after contact between Josh Henry and Andy Wilder left the 24 of Wilder stopped on the back stretch. At the restart the top five were Trammell, Fultz, Steve Carr, Phillip Nichols, and Greg Estes. Wilder rejoined at the rear of the field for the restart.

As Trammel struggled through mid-race lapped traffic during the middle laps, Carr began to put the heat on Fultz in the middle laps, but Fultz's Dodge was strong enough to keep Carr behind and secure second. Despite having to give a nose to a couple of slower cars, Trammell nevertheless took home his fourth win in a row. With second place, Fultz once again did what he had to do to stay firmly in the lead for the points championship. ~ Allen Earl

Aug. 14 Super Late Model Finish: 1) Rick Rogers, 2) Jeff Maupin, 3) Vic Hill. 4) Chad Ogle, 5) Steve Smith (8 cars)

Aug. 14 Tazewell LM Finish: 1) Jason Trammel, 2) Travis Fultz. 3) Steve Carr, 4) Philip Nichols, 5) Greg Estes (11 cars)

Jason Trammell. (Allen Earl photo)
Aug. 7 Tazewell LM Finish: 1) Jason Trammell, 2) Travis Fultz, 3) Greg Estes, 4) Phillip Nichols, 5)  Keith Chapman. (14 cars)

July 31: Rained out 

July 24: See "Southern Nationals" coverage.


July 17: 1) Jason Trammel, 2) Travis Fultz, 3) Greg Estes, 4) Steve Carr, 5) Jody Horton

July 10: 1) Jason Trammel, 2) Phillip Nichols, 3) Travis Fultz, 4) Jay Allan, 5) Keith Chapman

June 26: 1) Brad Hall, 2) Travis Fultz, 3) Steve Carr, 4) Greg Estes, 5) Anthony Burchett

Brad Hall - Travis Fultz - Tazewell Speedway

Brad Hall duels #0 Travis Fultz before leading Fultz to the checkers at Tazewell Speedway on June 26th. (Allen Earl)

June 19: 1) Travis Fultz, 2) Jason Trammel, 3) James England, 4) Keith Chapman, 5) Greg Estes

June 12: 1) Brad Hall, 2) Steve Carr, 3) Greg Estes, 4) Jason Trammel, 5) Travis Fultz

May 29:  1) Travis Fultz, 2) Greg Estes, 3) Jody Horton, 4) Anthony Arnwine   5) Jay Allan

Travis Fultz

Travis Fultz topped a caution filled Late Model feature on May 22nd at Tazewell Speedway, then returned for another win on the 29th. (Allen Earl)

May 22 Finish: 1. Travis Fultz 2. Brad Hall 3. Chris Carr 4. Jason Trammell (in Keith Capman's car) 5. Jody Horton


May 8 Finish: 1. Mike Smith 2. Vic Hill 3. Steve Smith 4. Terry Wolfenbarger 5. Bryan Hendrix


May 1: Rained Out


April 24: Rained Out.

April 17: 1. Travis Fultz, 2. Jason Trammell, 3. Greg Estes, 4. Keith Chapman,5. James England.

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