- Sept. 5 - Eldora Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Matt Miller - Eldora Speedway ALMS
Matt Miller after his ALMS win at Eldora. (Jim Denhamer
ALMS: Jeep Blows Up, Miller Moves to First Win of 2010 in "Baltes Classic"

From Eldora Speedway Report

ROSSBURG, Oh. - Sept. 5. Inheriting a five-lap lead when Jeep Van Wormer scattered the motor on his #55 car, Matt Miller showed the ALMS field to the checkered flag in Sunday's "Earl Baltes Classic" at Eldora Speedway.

With Sunday's , win Miller also passed Van Wormer to move into first place in Eldora Speedway's cumulative points race, with two contests remaining.

Going into the night, VanWormer was the points leader with a slim margin over Miller, and it appeared that he was going to increase that margin as he was leading the 25-lap main event in convincing style in the early going of the chase.

Houston area driver Christopher Brown, in only his second appearance to the one-half mile clay oval, was the polesitter and early leader of the main event,

Chris Brown - Jeep Van Wormer - ALMS at Eldora

A very impressive first-time showing by Texan Chris Brown yielded an early lead over #55 Jeep Van Wormer and a runner up finish to Matt Miller. (Jim Denhamer)

with Van Wormer giving hot pursuit until the popular Michigan speedster finally took command on lap seven. Miller sat in third behind Brown.

Lapped traffic, a specialty of Van Wormer's, came to his aid two laps later. With the fast paced action tight up against the wall, Miller used this as

Jared Landers - Wendell Wallace - Eldora ALMS

Arkansas duo Jared Landers and #88 Wendell Wallace duel for third on the big half-mile. (Jim Denhamer)

Jeff Beyers - Scott James - Eld ora Speedway ALMS

Jeff Beyers and #83 Scott James race for position during the Earl Baltes Classic at Eldora. (Jim Denhamer)

his allie over Brown and took over runner-up honors on lap 11, then with ten laps remaining, pulled up behind VanWormer.

The crowd rose to its feet as the pair diced through the lapped traffic, but their expectations ended as the chase did, with billowing smoke on lap 20, as VanWormer's expired engine's smoke completely engulfed the speed plant, reducing visibility to zero.

A blown engine of epic proportions on Jeep Van Wormer's leading car reduced visibility to zero before the ALMS troops were able to go back to racing.

(Jim Denhamer)

That gave the lead to Miller which he held to the finish and gave him a three-point margin for the points chase. Brown finished second, with Wendell Wallace turning in a sold third place finish over fellow Arkansan Jared Landers, and Scott James.

Eldora Speedway "Earl Baltes Classic"
1) Matt Miller, 2) Chris Brown, 3) Wendell Wallace, 4) Jared Landers, 5) Scott James, 6) Austin Dillon, 7) Jack Sullivan, 8) Brian Ruhlman, 9) Jerry Bowersock, 10) Curtis Roberts, 11) Rusty Schlenk (prov.), 12) J.R. Hotovy, 13) Jesse Lay, 14) Jeff Beyers, 15) Ryan Vanderveen, 16) Andrew Reaume, 17) Dillan White, 18) Chad Smith, 19) Dusty Moore (prov.), 20) Rick DeLong, 21) Jeep Van Wormer, 22) Jeff Babcock, 23) Casey Noonan, 24) Duane Chamberlain.
Heat winners (52 entries): Beyers, Wallace, James, Van Wormer, Brown, Miller. B-Main winners: White, Roberts.

Jim Denhamer photo


Updated 11/02/10

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