- Sept. 4 - Thunderhill Raceway by Sam Holbrooks



SRRS - Thunderhill Speedway
1) Josh Putnam, 2) Anthony Burroughs, 3) Jay Brinkley, 4) Riley Hickman, 5) David Gentry, 6) Eric Hickerson, 7) Ben Kittrell, 8) Kelly Hanvey, 9) Mark Fields, 10) Jerry Jackson, 11) Jacob France, 12) Mark Green, 13) Tony Simmons, 14) David Breazeale, 15) Jacob Grizzle, 16) Ray McElhiney, 17) Jeremy Broadus, 18) Dane Dacus, 19) Leon Henderson, 20) Brad Glass, 21) Ben Davis, 22) Brian Smith, 23) Tony Morris, 24) Seth McCormack.
Fast Time (24 entries): McElhiney (11.91 secs.); Heat winners: Gentry, Hickman, Smith

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 Josh Putnam - Leon Henderson - SRRS at Thunderhill Raceway

A high flying Josh Putnam puts a lap on #10 Leon Henderson at Thunderhill. (Connie Putnam)

Anthony Burroughs - Thunderhill SRRS

Athens, Alabama's Anthony Burroughs races to a runner up finish at Thunderhill Raceway. (Connie Putnam)

Eric Hickerson - Kelly Hanvey - Thunderhill Raceway SRRS

Eric Hickerson and #41 Kelly Hanvey fight it out in side the top ten at Thunderhill. (Connie Putnam)

Josh Putnam - Thunderhill Raceway SRRS Winner


Josh Putnam claimed the SRRS win at Thunderhill Raceway on Saturday night  (Connie Putnam)


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