- Sept. 4 - Deer Creek Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Chad and Chris Simpson - Deer Creek Speedway Cornbelt Clash

Chad Simpson (right) with brother Chris before navigating Deer Creek Speedway en route to another Cornbelt Clash victory, and another official series championship. (Jeff Bylsma photo)

Cornbelt Clash: Simpson Nails Clash Final at Deer Creek, Claims Title

Bill Nelson

 SPRING VALLEY, Minn. - Sept. 4. Surviving some early bumping and leading only the last two circuits, Iowa ace Chad Simpson raced to his ninth Cornbelt Clash Series win of the season and his second straight championship on the tour Saturday at Deer Creek Speedway.

Jeff Larson took control of the event early on in front of Nick Beyenhof. Simpson sat in third while brother Chris Simpson and Brad Waits battled for fourth.  The caution appered early as midpack runner Dennis Hillson rolled his machine on the front stretch. He was not hurt.

Jeff Larson - Chad Mahder - Deer Creek Speedway Cornbelt Clash

Early leader Jeff Larson gives up his fourth spot to an advancing Chad Mahder at Deer Creek. (Mike Ruefer)

Dennis Hillson - Deer Creek Speeday Cornbelt Clash Series

Dennis Hillson got on his lid on the front straightaway four laps into the event at Deer Creek.  He was uninjured. (Jeff Bylsma)

With Larson leading the restart, Waits worked into second. Larson got loose off of four and came down slightly, bumping Beyenhof who then bumped into Chad Simpson's #25 car.  All three drivers kept going with Larson still holding a slight edge over Waits, while Simpson dropped to fifth behind Beyenhof and Chris Simpson. 

Chris Simpson - Chad Simpson - Nick Beyenhof - Deer Creek Speedway Cornbelt Clash

Chad Simpson takes it nearly four-wide with brother Chris (#32), Nick Beyenhof (#1) and another car before grabbing the win in the Cornbelt Clash Series final at Deer Creek Speedway. (Scott Swenson)

With eighth completed, Chad Simpson, Chris Simpson and Adam Hensel were racing three wide for fourth.  Chris Simpson took the spot and moved under Beyenhof for third in one move. 

Up front, Waits was working low on Larson as lap traffic looked to take part in this one.  By lap 13, the Simpson brothers had caught the leaders for a four-car battle through traffic. Chris Simpson worked into second on lap 15, and two laps later, took over the point as Larson dropped back to fourth after getting held up by a slower car. 

Nick and Nate Beyendorf - Deer Creek Speeday Cornbelt Clash

Nick Beyenhof slides under brother Nate during preliminary action at Deer Creek. (Jeff Bylsma)

Larson dropped another spot as Chad Mahder took over fourth on lap 21, just as another caution flew.  After the restart, the battle really heated up as  Waits raced up high and Chris Simpson ran down low, side by side for the lead.  Waits took the spot with 26 completed. 

At lap 30, Chad Simpson started to work low on Chris for second, taking the spot and quickly gaining ground on Waits up front. Simpson took the lead on lap 33 to cross the finish two laps later ahead of Waits, Chris Simpson, Mahder, and Hensel.

Mert Williams car - Deer Creek Speedway

A replica of Minnesota racing legend Mert Williams' unique race car was on display at Deer Creek. (Mike Ruefer) 

Cornbelt Clash - Deer Creek Speedway
1) Chad Simpson, 2) Brad Waits, 3) Chris Simpson, 4) Chad Mahder, 5) Adam Hensel, 6) Greg Kastle, 7) Doug Herrick, 8) Jason Rauen, 9) Keith Foss, 10) Joe Ludemann, 11) Justin Kay, 12) Jake Meier, 13) Jeff Larson, 14) Nate Beyenhof, 15) Nick Herrick, 16) Todd Gehl, 17) Jordan Yaggy, 18) Nick Kramer, 19) Roger Torgerson, 20) Don Schaefer, 21) Nick Beyenhof, 22) Dean Wagner, 23) Andy Altenburg, 24) Paul Watters, 25) Jerry Bloom, 26) Dennis Hillson
Heat winners: Waits, Chad Simpson, Hensel

Jeff Bylsma photo

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