- Sept. 2 - Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Mike Pegher and Dan Angelicchio

Mike Pegher, Jr. races under early leader Dan Angelicchio on his way to a $2,500 win in the "Jook George Memorial" for the Fastrak Late Models at Pittsburgh's Pa. Motor Speedway. (Frank Wilson)

Fastrak: Pegher Reels in "Jook George Memorial" at Pittsburgh

Track report

IMPERIAL, Pa. - Sept. 2. The 22nd annual Jook George Memorial 50-lap feature for the Crate Late Models saw Wexford, Pa.'s Mike Pegher, Jr. take his third win in the event and third win at PPMS this season. 

Defending race champ Dan Angelicchio grabbed the lead at the outset - of what ended up being the richest Jook’s Memorial yet - over Max Blair and Kyle Lukon. Pegher, who started seventh, moved into third on lap three. By

Kyle Lukon at PPMS

Kyle Lukon set fast time for the PPMS event. (Frank Wilson)

 lap nine, the leaders caught traffic and Angelicchio, Max Blair and Pegher battled for first, with Pegher coming out on top on lap 11. Blair also moved by Angelicchio on lap 13 and set out after Pegher.

The front three remained unchanged for the next 16 laps, with Joe Martin moving into fourth over Kyle Lukon. Angelicchio got back around Blair on lap 30 for second. Pegher was on a rail out front while Blair chased Angelicchio with

Steve Baker at PPMS

In local division LM racing, veteran Steve Baker raced to his 100th career win. (Frank Wilson)

Martin in fourth and newcomer and asphalt star Will Thomas now in fifth. Blair moved back into second on lap 38 after a caution, but Angelicchio got the spot back 40, while Pegher was comfortably out front.

Pegher led the remainder of the event unchallenged, followed by Angelicchio, Blair, Martin, Thomas, Kyle Lukon, Steve Beatty, John Volpe, Josh Holtgraver and Laura Lukon. Pegher picked up $2500 for the win.

Mike Pegher Jr at PPMS

Starting seventh, Mike Pegher, Jr. raced by early leader Dan Angelicchio on lap 11 on his way to a $2,500 win in the "Jook George Memorial" for the Fastrak Late Models at Pittsburgh's Pa. Motor Speedway. (Frank Wilson)
Sept. 2 - Fastrak at PPMS
1) Mike Pegher Jr., 2) Daniel Angelicchio, 3) Max Blair, 4) Joe Martin, 5) Will Thomas, 6) Kyle Lukon, 7) Steve Beatty, 8) John Volpe, 9) Josh Holtgraver, 10) Laura Lukon, 11) Bobby Whitling, 12) Steve Dixon, 13) Mike Reft, 14) Justin Lamb, 15) Colton Flinner, 16) Nico Dabecco, 17) Ron Hall, 18) Tony White, 19) Mark Moats, 20) Lauren Longbrake, 21) Tony Sinicrope, 22) Scott Schempp, 23) Tom Bateman, 24) Rocky Kugel, 25) Ken Chernik, 26) Dennis Neiderriter, 27) Bryan Hoffman, DNS – Chuck Medved
Fast Time: Kyle Lukon (20.613); Heat winners: Pegher, Schempp, Holtgraver; Dash: Angelicchio

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