- Sept. 26 - Monett Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Senior racer Ken Essary, still showing the kids how it's done around Monett Speedway.

(Ron Mitchell) 










Sept. 26 - Show-Me Racing Series - Monett Speedway
1) Ken Essary, 2) Dave Ware, 3) Rex Merritt, 4) Randy Zimmerman, 5) Chuck Comer, 6) Colton Dunlap, 7) Glen Yarbrough, 8) Ron Johnson, 9) Chris Hawkins, 10) Brandon Cheek, 11) Jordan Holloway, 12) Kyle Ledford, 13) Justin Wells, 14) Dustin Mooneyham, 15) Chris Morelock, 16) Leslie Essary, 17) Darrell Mooneyham, 18) Scott Fry, 19) Shane Essary, 20) Jarrod Hilton, 21) Joseph Gorby, 22) Ray Peacock







Dave Ware - Dustin Mooneyham - Monett Speedway Show-Me Racing Series

Dave Ware races under Dustin Mooneyham before taking a second place finish to Ken Essary at Monett. (Ron Mitchell)

Randy Zimmerman - Chris Hawkins - Show-Me Racing Series at Monett Speedway

Randy Zimmerman races under Chris Hawkins' #99.7 on his way to fourth place at Monett. (Ron Mitchell)

Leslie Essary - Justin Wells - Monett Speedway Show Me Racing Series

In a rare occurrence at Monett, veteran Leslie Essary (#28) and the dominant Justin Wells (#98) - both winners at Monett this year -  were not only shut out of Victory Lane, but out of the top ten altogether. (Ron Mitchell)  

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