- Sept. 24-25 - McKean County Raceway by Sam Holbrooks


ULMS: Smith Hits Career High With $13k "Fall Classic" Win at McKean Co.

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E SMETHPORT, Pa. - Sept. 25. Solon Springs, Wisconsin invader, Brady Smith made the 16-hour drive to McKean County Raceway well worth it by capturing the fifth annual Priority Care "RaceFAN 50" and going back to the Badger state with a cool $13,000. Smith led the entire race, lapping over half the field and getting the crowd on its feet with daring three wide passes in traffic.

As Smith and Gregg Satterlee led the 25-car field to John Powell’s, green flag, ninth place starter, Brent Rhebergen's #07R machine snapped hard right, resulting a pileup in turn one that eliminated last year’s winner, Russell King, along with Matt Lux. Big block modified driver, Billy Decker, Dave Lyon, and Bump Hedman were also involved, but all three would restart the event.

With a successful restart, Smith jumped out to the lead over Satterlee. Dan Stone moved into third on lap three as Dave Hess, Jr. moved Chris Hackett back to fifth one lap later. Satterlee and Stone would wage battle for second place as Smith would start to pull away to a straightaway lead. With half the event in the books, fans realized the traveling star from Wisconsin was in a different zip code than the rest of the field and the race now was for second between Satterlee and Stone.

The battle for fifth was also heating up with 17-year-old Larry Wright of Phoenix, N.Y. applying pressure on Hackett. Wright moved around Hackett on lap 29 for fifth as Smith was now in deep in lap traffic, putting ULMS point leader Boom Briggs down a lap, along with Scott Lebarron, Decker, Chad Valone and David Scott.

With 15 to go, Stone moved by Satterlee and into second. As Stone moved away from Satterlee, Wright was the driver on the move as he got by Dave Hess and Satterlee for third. With double checkers flying, Brady Smith crossed the line with six lap cars between him and Dan Stone. Following Smith and Stone was Wright, followed by Hess and Satterlee.

The next five were Hackett, Chub Frank, who won the 2006 "RaceFAN 50", and 2007 winner, Rob Blair, who started 16th, Mike Knight and Billy Decker regrouped from his opening lap crash to finish tenth in his first ever MCR start.

ULMS McKean County Raceway "RaceFan 50"
1) Brady Smith, 2) Dan Stone, 3) Larry Wright, 4) Dave Hess, Jr., 5) Gregg Satterlee, 6) Chris Hackett, 7) Chub Frank, 8) Rob Blair, 9) Mike Knight, 10) Billy Decker, 11) Andy Kania, 12) Tim Fuller, 13) Greg Oakes, 14) Doug Eck, 15) John Lobb, 16) Scott Lebarron, 17) Boom Briggs, 18) Dave Lyon, 19) Bump Hedman, 20) Chad Valone, 21) Dave Scott, 22) Doug Drown, 23) Brent Rhebergen, 24) Russ King, 25) Matt Lux.
Heat winners (48 entries): Hackett, Smith, Satterlee, Hess , Wright; Consolation winners: Blair, Lobb.

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