- Sept. 23-25 - Tri-City Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jason Feger - Brian Shirley - Tri-City Monster Midwest Tour 

Jason Feger (#25) and Brian Shirley each picked up a win in the first two nights of a trio of Monster Midwest Tour events scheduled for this weekend at Tri-City Speedway. (Drew England) 

Monster Midwest: Score One For Feger and Two For Shirley After Tri-City Monster Trio

PONTOON BEACH, Ill. - Sept. 23. With the Midwest Monster Tour wrapping up its 2010 season next week at Kankakee and Farmer City, Ill., Kevin Gundaker's Tri-City Speedway, one of this season's busiest special event venues, hosted the the regional tour's competitors for three nights of racing at the southern Illinois/St. Louis area facility.

Jason Feger, of Bloomington, Ill., raced from his 11th starting spot to capture opening night honors and a $2,000 check. After MMP points leader Brian Shirley

Bobby Pierce - Ricky Frankel - Monster Midwest Tour at Tri-City Speedway

Ricky Frankel and #32 Bobby Pierce at Tri-City. Opening night saw Pierce scoreone of his best sowings to date with a run from deep in the field to third place at the finish. (Drew England)

Brian Shirley VL - Tri-City Speedway Midwest Monster Tour

Brian Shirley lost a top five spot to a breakdown on opening night of a three-night swing for the Monster Midwest tour, but rallied to sweep the next two nights of racng at Tri-City Speedway. (Drew England)

advanced to second, only to succumb to mechanical trouble with just two laps to go, Ryan Unzicker tracked Feger at the finish, while Bobby Pierce put in one of his strongest showings all season in third. The young Pierce placed fourth in his heat race and raced from deep in the field to finish ahead of Rick Salter and area champion Michael Kloos in the main event.

Sept. 23 - Monster Midwest - Tri-City Speedway
1) Jason Feger, 2) Ryan Unzicker, 3) Bobby Pierce, 4) Rick Salter, 5) Michael Kloos, 6) Chad Zobrist, 7) Bryan Collins, 8) Scott Weber, 9) Dustin Griffin, 10) Brian Diveley, 11) Jim Moon, 12) Brian Shirley, 13) Dennis Erb, Jr., 14) Frank Heckenast, Jr., 15) Cory Daugherty, 16) Tim Lance, 17) Chris Fetter, 18) Kevin Cole, 19) Rusty Schlenk, 20) Kevin Weaver, 21) Craig Smith
Fast Time (32 entries): Zobrist (15.270); Heat winners: Schlenk, Kloos, Smith, Zobrist; Semi-feature winner: Griffin

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PONTOON BEACH, Ill. - Sept. 24. Rallying from a disappointing breakdown in the closing laps of Thursday night's Monster Midwest Tour event at Tri-City Speedway, Brian Shirley, of Chatham, Ill., padded his points lead with his $2,000 win in Friday's installment.

Thursday winner Jason Feger would have to settle for second in this night, ahead of Michael Kloos.

Michael Kloos - Jason Feger - Drew Tri-City Speedway Monster Midwest Tour

Michael Kloos and #25 Jason Feger race for position before finishing second and third on the second night of racing at Tri-City. (Drew England)

Sept. 24 - Monster Midwest - Tri-City Speedway
1) Brian Shirley, 2) Jason Feger, 3) Michael Kloos, 4) Scott Weber, 5) Dennis Erb, Jr., 6) Chad Zobrist, 7) Rodney Melvin, 8) Frankie Martin, 9) Jim Moon, 10) Ricky Frankel, 11) Craig Smith, 12) Rusty Schlenk, 13) Bobby Pierce, 14) Ryan Unzicker, 15) Tim Manville, 16) Cory Daugherty, 17) Dustin Griffin, 18) Kevin Weaver, 19) Rick Salter, 20) Frank Heckenast, Jr., 21) Jason Frankel.
Fast Time (31 entries): Unzicker; Heat winners: Frankel, Feger, Shirley, Smith; Semi-feature winner: Griffin

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PONTOON BEACH, Ill. - Sept. 25. Tri-City Speedway wrapped up its three-night series of Monster Midwest Tour events, and Brian Shirley completed a mini-series of his own, winning his second straight feature event on closing night. The Bloomington driver was chased to the stripe by some familiar foes; Dennis Erb, Jr., Jason Feger, Ryan Unzicker, and Michigan traveller Rusty Schlenk.

Dennis Erb Jr - Craig Smith - Monster Midwest Tour at Tri-City Speedway

Dennis Erb, Jr. (#28) picked up second to Shirley on the final night of racing. Craig Smith (#81) earned a pair of heat wins, but was shut out of the top ten all three nights. (Drew England) 

Sept. 25 - Monster Midwest - Tri-City Speedway
1) Brian Shirley, 2) Dennis Erb, Jr., 3) Jason Feger, 4) Ryan Unzicker, 5) Rusty Schlenk, 6) Chad Zobrist, 7) Frank Heckenast, Jr., 8) Scott Weber, 9) Bobby Pierce, 10) Kevin Weaver, 11) Ricky Frankel, 12) Jim Moon, 13) Craig Smith, 14) Rick Salter, 15) Cory Daugherty, 16) Dustin Griffin, 17) Tim Manville, 18) Ryan Little, 19) Tim Ratajczyk, 20) Frankie Martin, 21) Mark Burgtorf
Fast Time (31 entries): Heckenast (14.780); Heat winners: Heckenast, Feger, Shirley, Unzicker; B-Main winner: Ratajczyk

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