- Sept. 18 - Pittsburgh Pa. Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Davey Johnson Wins "Pittsburgher" From 13th

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IMPERIAL, Pa. - Sept. 18. After starting 13th in a 31-cars starting field, Davey Johnson was the winner of the annual "Pittsburgher" Saturday at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. He earned $7,000 for his 66 laps of work in the event co-sanctioned by the ULMS Racing Series and the UFo Race Championship.

Dylan Yoder and John Flinner drew front row starting positions for the Pittsburgher. and Flinner moved into the lead before the first caution waved with one lap complete. Flinner controlled the restart, showing the way over Brandon Burgoon and Matt Lux. Jared Miley passed Steve Baker for fourth on lap seven, with Lux taking second from Burgoon on lap 10.

The next caution slowed the pace on lap 17, and Lux took the lead on the restart. Flinner and Baker then got together exiting turn four, with Baker spinning, bringing out on lap 19. Both cars were put to the rear of the field.

Lux continued to lead when racing resumed, over Miley, 13th starting Johnson, Burgoon, and John Mollick. Mike Johnson passed Mollick for fifth on lap 23, but the two would swap fifth back and forth until a lap 28 caution period.

The restart saw Davey Johnson pass Miley for second, and Jim Stephans moved into fourth while Mike Johnson grabbed fifth. Flinner, from the tail on lap 19, was up to sixth by lap 32. However, he slowed on lap 40 to bring out another yellow.

The double-file restart saw a drag race for the lead, with Davey Johnson
able to nose ahead of Lux to take over the lead. Miley was third with Mike Johnson fourth, while 21st starting Jared Hawkins moved up into the fifth spot. The top five stayed the same through double-file restarts on laps 54, 55, and 57, but Hawkins moved to fourth on lap 58, as Keith Barbara entered the top five.

The final yellow waved with 60 laps in, and the six lap dash to the finish saw 13th starting Davey Johnson control the double-file restart, as he had on the
previous restarts, en route to the $7,000 victory. Fifth starting Matt Lux
had a strong run end with a second place finish over Hawkins, who earned the Pass-Maximum award. Keith Barbara came from eighth to finish fourth, gaining ground in the UFo point standings. Though the stats show that he started second and finished fifth, Flinner came from the tail of the field twice to earn the spot. 20th starting Boom Briggs was sixth.

Chad McClellan continues to lead the UFo Race Championship point standings. Barbara trimmed his lead to nine points with two races left in the 2010 UFo Race Championship.

Sept. 18 - P.P.M.S. "Pittsburgher"
1) Davey Johnson, 2) Matt Lux, 3) Jared Hawkins, 4) Keith Barbara, 5) John Flinner, 6) Boom Briggs, 7) Jared Miley, 8) Jim Stephans, 9) Lynn Geisler, 10) Ben Miley, 11) Mike Johnson, 12) John Garvin, 13) Mike Norris, 14) Chad McClellan, 15) Jim Lepro, 16) Bump Hedman, 17) Chuck Medved, 18) Dave Johnson, 19) Brandon Burgoon, 20) Dereck Frank, 21) John Mollick, 22) Dylan Yoder, 23) Jason Rider, 24) Brandon Wearing, 25) Jon Hodgkiss, 26) Steve Baker, 27) Dave Hess, Jr., 28) Doug Crawford, 29) Danny Mitchell, 30) Dennis Lunger, 31) Tommy Beck

Heat winners (31 entries) Barbara, Rider, Burgoon

Sept. 17 - P.P.M.S. "Galaxy 33"
1) Keith Barbara, 2) Dave Hess, Jr., 3) Steve Baker, 4) Bump Hedman, 5) Jim Lepro, 6) Brandon Burgoon, 7) Brandon Wearing, 8) Boom Briggs, 9) John Garvin, Jr., 10) Jon Hodgkiss, 11) Jason Rider, 12) Charles Medved, 13) Danny Mitchell, 14) Lynn Geisler, 15) Dave Johnson, 16) Mike Norris, 17) Matt Lux, 18) Jim Stephans, 19) Jared Miley, 20) Chad McClellan, 21) Dylan Yoder, 22) Doug Crawford, 23) Garrett Krummert













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