- Sept. 17 - Tri-City Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Tim McCreadie - Jason Feger - Tri-City Speedway Dodge Ram 50 

Tim McCreadie races past front row starter Jason Feger on his way to his sixth special event win of the season at Tri-City Speedway. (Drew England)

UMP: McCreadie Trucks to "Dodge Ram 50" Win

PONTOOON BEACH, Ill. - Sept. 17. Tim McCreadie, of Watertown, N.Y., worked the low side of Kevin Gundaker's Tri-City Speedway to reel in his sixth special event win of the 2010 season in the UMP Dirtcar sanctioned "Dodge Ram 50" on Friday evening.

Shannon Babb - Scott Weber - Tri-City Speedway Dodge Ram 50

While pursuing leader Tim McCreadie, Shannon Babb looks to put a lap on Scott Weber (dring a Randy Korte #00) and local ace Ricky Frankel. (Drew England) 

If any fans were expecting the race to be all but over with when the red-hot Bill Moyer earned the pole poistion starting spot, with UMP tough guy Jason Feger on the outside, they were a bit premature. McCreadie, starting on the second row, moved quickly to the bottom of the race track and battled Moyer and Feger - at times three-wide - before capturing the lead on lap ten.

Billy Moyer - Jason Feger - Tri-City Speedway Dodge Ram 50

Billy Moyer and #25 Jason Feger slipped to third and fifth, respectively, after giving way to winner McCreadie and runner up Shannon Babb. (Drew England)

Shannon Babb was able to capture second from Moyer and stay with McCreadie at times, but couldn't uproot McCreadie's #39 planted on the hub. Babb settled for second, with Moyer claiming third. Feger slipped to fifth after Rick Eckert got by to claim fourth.

Tim McCreadie VL - Tri-City Speedway Dodge Ram 50

Tim McCreadie at Tri-City Speedway. (Drew England)

UMP "Dodge Ram 50" - Tri-City Speedway
1) Tim McCreadie, 2) Shannon Babb, 3) Billy Moyer, 4) Rick Eckert, 5) Jason Feger, 6) Brady Smith, 7) Michael Kloos, 8) Dewayne Kiefer, 9) Chris Fetter, 10) April Farmer, 11) Matt Miller, 12) Scott Weber, 13) Brian Shirley, 14) Billy Laycock, 15) Mark Voigt, 16) Rickey Frankel, 17) Craig Smith, 18) Rick Salter, 19) Bobby Pierce, (0) Wendell Wallace, 21) Nick Lyons, 22) Claude Walker, 23) Frankie Martin.
Heat winners (29 entries): Feger, Weber, Moyer. Semi-feature winner: Pierce.


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