- Sept. 17 - Pittsburgh's Pa. Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Keith Barbara at PPMS

Keith Barbara races to Saturday's "Pittsburgher" win at Pennsylvania's Pa. Motor Speedway. (Todd Battin)

Keith Barbara at Pennsylvania's Pa. Motor Speedway Keith Barbara raced to Saturday's "Pittsburgher" win at Pennsylvania's Pa. Motor Speedway. (Todd Battin)

UFO/ULMS: Barbara Wins Big at PPMS "Pittsburgher"

Series report

IMPERIAL, Pa. - Sept. 17. On Saturday night the "Pittsburgher" 66-lap UFO/ULMS special was won by Keith Barbara after the South Park, Pa. driver started tenth on the grid, overtook Davey Johnson with ten laps to go, and drove away to the $7,000 win. 

Defending race champ Johnson grabbed the lead at the start with Dennis Lunger and Brandon Burgoon chasing, but before the first lap was over, Jared Hawkins ended up in the UTE tires on the front straight after a tangle with Jim Lepro, and was done for the night with suspension damage.

Gregg Satterlee at PPMS

Gregg Satterlee raced to the previous night's local feature and picked up fourth place in UFO/ULMS action on Saturday. (Todd Battin)

Back under way, Burgoon replaced Lunger for second on lap seven, with Gregg Satterlee moving into third on lap 15. Steve Baker came from eighth and moved into fifth before when his left front tire went flat after a bump with Lynn Geisler while passing him, bringing out the caution. On lap 16, Mike Basich spun and collected Baker. Both were able to continue. The next caution was lap 21 for Baker again, when Lepro tangled with him on the front straight, this time ending Baker's night.

Dillon Yoder, Daryl Charllier, Dave Hess jr

Dylan Yoder (32), Dave Hess, Jr. (44), and Daryl Charllier (27) race deep in the field at Pittsburgh. (Todd Battin)

Jared Miley and Lynn Geisler at PPMS

Jared Miley moved up front on lap 47, only to lose a driveshaft seven laps later. (Todd Battin)

Johnson was still out in front with Satterlee now in second and Geisler third. Burgoon moved back into third on lap 32 while Satterlee dogged Johnson, and by lap 44, Jared Miley moved into contention, passing Satterlee for third. Miley ran down Johnson and took over first on lap 47. Miley was driving away when his driveshaft broke on lap 54 and he was out of the event.

Johnson was back in the lead while Barbara quietly moved into second, and B-Main winner Alex Ferree was up to third. Barbara took over first on lap 56 and pulled away for the win. It was Barbara's first win anywhere this season, and his first at PPMS since September 17, 2010.

Michael Davis, Steve Baker, Lynn Geisler

Michael Davis, #0 Steve Baker, and #1 Lynn Geisler take three lines around PPMS. (Todd Battin)

Mike Basich at PPMS

Mike Basich loops his #71 on lap 16 at PPMS before collecting Steve Baker. (Todd Battin)

Sept 17 - UFO/ULMS at PPMS
1. Keith Barbara, 2. Davey Johnson, 3. Alex Ferree, 4. Gregg Satterlee, 5. Brandon Burgoon, 6. Lynn Geisler, 7. Matt Lux, 8. Michael Norris, 9. John Garvin Jr., 10. Jim Stephans, 11. Dennis Lunger, 12. Mike Johnson, 13. Michael Davis, 14. Ben Miley, 15. Kyle Lukon, 16. Dylan Yoder, 17. Jim Lepro, 18. John Mollick, 19. Daryl Charlier, 20. Danny Mitchell, 21. Mike Basich, 22. Tony Musolino, 23. Jared Miley, 24. Kari Gasser, 25. Devon Friese, 26. Quintin Wyandt, 27. Jake Hawkins, 28. Steve Baker, 29. Chad McClellan, 30. Dave Hess, 31. Brian Ruhlman, 32. Jared Hawkins
Heat winners (39 entries): Geisler, Baker, Davis, Johnson; B-Main winners: Lux, Ferree.

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