- Sept. 17 - North Alabama Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Ronny Lee Hollingsworth at North Alabama Speedway
A jubilant Ronny Lee Hollingsworth after Saturday's "Bama Brawl" win at North Alabama Speedway.(Connie Putnam)

David Breazeale and Josh Putnam at North Alabama Speedway

David Breazeale gets under #212 Josh Putnam briefly before Putnam was able to retake the position before the finish of the "Bama Brawl". (Connie Putnam) 

 David Gentry and David Breazeale at North Alabama Speedway

Popular Middle Tennessee veteran David Gentry (56) was able to join #54 David Breazeale in advancing to second and third, but Josh Putnam rallied to push the pair back to third and fourth at the finish. (Connie Putnam)

Ross Campanovo and Brian Rickman at North Alabama

Staying committed to the high side, #18 Ross Campanovo races #86 Rick Rickman before posting an impressive fifth place showing. (Connie Putnam)

Eric Cooley and Jamie Elam at North Alabama Speedway

Young Mississippi ace Eric Cooley races by #12 Jamie Elam on his way to sixth place. (Connie Putnam)

Brian Rickman and Scott Cook at North Alabama Speedway

Brian Rickman races under #13 Scott Cook before moving to eighth place at North Alabama. (Connie Putnam) 

Ian Samuels and Chase Washington at North Alabama

After some problems with his own #86 after qualifying, Comp Cams Series regular Kyle Beard dropped into an Ian Samuels #85 and duels #33 Chase Washington before finishing tenth at North Alabama. (Connie Putnam)

Sept. 17 - Bama Brawl at North Alabama Speedway
1. Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, 2. Josh Putnam, 3. David Gentry, 4. David Breazeale, 5. Ross Campanova, 6. Eric Cooley, 7. Rick Rickman, 8. Brian Rickman, 9. Mark Fields, 10. Kyle Beard, 11. Dylan Aimes, 12. Scott Cook, 13. Chase Washington, 14. Jamie Flannagan, 15. Chad Winkles, 16. Kurt Radojcsics, 17. Eddie Rickman, 18. Michael Greer, 19. Seth McCormack, 20. Jamie Elam, 21. Jerry Owens, 22. Daniel Miller
Ronny Lee Hollingsworth

Connie Putnam photo


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Calumet County Fairgrounds "Chilton Fall Invitational" - Russ Scheffler

Russ Scheffler at Calumet Co. Fairgrounds

Billed as "the largest race at the smallest track in Wisconsin", the Calumet Co. "Fall Invitational" played out on Sept. 23-24,  and Russ Scheffler drove his #74 to the win in the event. (Michael Esser)

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