- Sept. 12 - River Cities Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Skytland Rolls to Lucrative Seitz Memorial Win

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - Sept. 12. After nature failed to cooperate with Saturday's second night of the fifth annual "John Seitz Memorial", Cody Skytland returned Sunday to drive from his fifth place start and race to the $9,200 win at River Cities Speedway.

Corey Seckerson beat polesitter Ricky Weiss off the line and led the early laps before Skytland completed his charge from the inside of row three to the lead. Weiss and Seckerson fell back as Zach Johnson and Pat Doar battled in second and third. Joel Cryderman moved to fourth, but was unable to shake Steve Laursen or Weiss before the red flag flew to signal the halfway fuel stop at 50 laps.

Skytland continued his lead, but a flurry of cautions would keep the track ahead clear for the "Dakota Kid". The first flew for Cryderman, leaving Doar in second Laursen raced past Weiss for third, and with 25 laps to go, Laursen was challenging Doard for second. Laursen gained second, and with 20 remaining, went under Skytland for the lead.

By then, 20th starting Marshall Fegers and 17th starting Jake Redetzke had made their way up into the top five Redetzke continued to advance, moving to third, while ahead of him on the final circuit, Skytland sneaked past Laursen to recapture the lead and continue on for the win - the biggest of his career.

Laursen finished second with Redetzke, Marshall Fegers, and brother Justin Fegers completing the top five. Mike Nutzmann started at the rear advanced to sixth, while Doar slipped to seventh in the closing laps.


John Seitz Memorial - River Cities Speedway 
1) Cory Skytland
, 2) Steve Laursen, 3) Jake Redetzke, 4) Marshall Fegers, 5) Justin Fegers, 6) Mike Nutzmann, 7) Pat Doar, 8) John Kaanta, 9) Mitch Johnson, 10) Don Shaw, 11) Chad Williamson, 12) Mike Balcaen, 13) Joel Cryderman, 14) Matt Aukland, 15) Rick Matthees, 16) Doug Herrick, 17) Curt Gelling, 18) Mike Johnson, 19) Shawn Peterson, 20) Steve Anderson, 21) Brandon Fuller, 22) Rick Weiss, 23) Zach Johnson, 24) Cory Seckerson, 25) Brad Seng
Heat Winners (56 entries): Fuller, Seckerson, Zach Johnson, Peterson, Cryderman, Seng; B-Main winners: Shaw, Marshall Fegers, Mike Johnson


Updated 11/02/10

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