- Sept. 11 - Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex by Sam Holbrooks


UFO: Lathroum Is "King of the Knob"

UFO Media

MARKLEYSBURG, Pa. - Sept. 11.  Jamie Lathroum, of Mechanicsville, Md., was the winner of the 13th annual "King of the Knob" event at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex on Saturday. He earned $5,000 for his winning drive in the event sanctioned by the UFo RaceChampionship.

The draw for starting positions found Chuck Clise and Doug Horton getting front row positions for the Area 51-lap UFo event. Clise took the lead from the start,holding off the challenge of Horton until the first of four caution periods came on lap eight when Scott Rhodes rolled to a stop with suspension damage.

Caution returned as Keith Jackson slowed with problems, and after getting back to racing, Horton got a good run at Clise and made the pass to takethe lead on lap nine. The next caution came with 14 laps complete, when Tim Senic spun.

On this attempted restart, Clise and Matt Gaston tangled to trigger a multi-car incident. This caution period would be the final one of the event.

Eighth starting Lathroum had worked his way up to second at this point, and on the restart he forged past Horton to become the new leader on lap 15. Tenth starting Jared Miley settled into second, with ninth starting Jeremy Miller right behind in third. As the laps were winding down, Lathroum's car started smoking, but he made it to the checkered flag to take the win over Miley and Miller.

From 20th starting spot, Doug Dodd charged forward to finish fourth, ahead of 12th starting Jared Hawkins.


UFO - Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex
1) Jamie Lathroum, 2) Jared Miley, 3) Jeremy Miller, 4) Doug Dodd, 5) Jared Hawkins, 6) L.C. Powers, 7) Jack Pencil, 8) Greg Fetters, 9) Chad McClellan, 10) Doug Horton, 11) Tommy Beck, 12) Ron Delano, 13) Mel Minnick, 14) Tim Senic, 15) Clate Copeman, 16) Mason Zeigler, 17) Bob Gordon, 18) Billy Holbert, 19) Devin Friese, 20) John Mollick, 21) Chuck Clise, 22) Matt Gaston, 23) Keith Jackson, 24) Scott Rhodes, 25) Keith Barbara
Heat winners (37 cars): Horton, Fetters, Miller, Lathroum; B-Main winners: Gaston, Senic

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