- Sept. 11 - Hagerstown Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Three-State Flyers: Stone Skips to Career First in Flyers Finale

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Sept. 11. At the right place at the right time, Dan Stone took over with six laps remaining and scored the $3,000 Three State Flyers Late Model series 35-lap finale at Hagerstown Speedway Saturday when Roy Deese, Jr. broke an axle. It was a first time triumph and career 100th for the driver from Thompson, Pa.

Finishing third in the dash, Stone squeezed into second ahead of pole sitter Covert as Deese took over from the outside. Stone put the pressure on Deese nearly every lap and was no further back than a length most of the race. Suddenly, however, he was off the pace on the 29th lap with Stone in charge. Covert was on his bumper for the restart, but Stone began to stretch his lead and pulled away to just over a two second victory.

“We’ve been trying to win here for a long time,” Stone said. “I’ll tell you what. We’ve lost a lot of races like Roy just did. I think he had a better car there at the end. We just hung in there and our car lasted. So I guess we’ll take it any way we can get it. This actually is my 100th career win. It’s pretty awesome to do it here.”

Deese quickly surged forward to grab the late model lead over Covert as Stone moved into second and began looking under Deese by lap five. While Stone was keeping the pressure on Deese, Alan Sagi was on the move from seventh and closed on Covert to actually get past on lap 12, only to have the pass negated when Bryan Bernheisel spun.

Deese opened a little breathing room on Stone following the restart as Covert kept Sagi at a distance. Following Deese’s retiring to the pits on lap 29, Stone toured the track for the final six laps and eased away slightly from Covert each circuit until having a two second margin at the finish.

In the special 20-lap event for the top 20 in TSF points, Scott LeBarron of Dover, Pa. topped the 13 car field to pocket the $2,000 win and score his first ever feature at Hagerstown by .53 seconds over Covert. Dillsburg, Pa veteran super sportsman driver Rich Eichelberger also was a first time winner south of the border after taking the lead from Russ Mitten on lap nine of the 20-lap event and later capturing the win over him by ten lengths.


Three State Flyers - Hagerstown Speedway
1. Dan Stone; 2. Jason Covert; 3. Alan Sagi; 4. Marvin Winters; 5. Kyle Lear: 6. Frankie Plessinger; 7. Ronnie DeHaven Jr.; 8. Andy Anderson; 9. Al Shawver Jr.; 10. J.T. Spence; 11. Derek Byler; 12.Mike Lupfer; 13.Ashley Barrett.;14.Jere Wierman, 15.Brian Booze; 16. Wesley Bonebrake; 17. Scott LeBarron;18. Bryan Bernheisel; 19. Roy Deese Jr.; 20. Jonathan DeHaven; 21. D. J. Myers; 22. Richard Walls; 23. Ricky Elliott; 24. Randy Burkholder (35 entries)


Updated 11/02/10

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