- Sept. 10 - Stateline Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


ULMS Northern Tier: Blair Reels In Stateline "September Spectacular"

Glenn Slocum

BUSTI, N.Y. - Sept. 10: Friday was opening night for the ULMS Roberts Trucking "September Spectacular", and Robbie Blair waited until nine to go to make his charge to the front for his second ULMS victory of the season.

After 31 teams attempted to gain one of the 24 starting spots for the $5,000 top prize in the Friday edition of the ULMS Roberts Trucking Late Model Spectacular, outside front row starter Chris Hackett led the first circuit, with Dick Barton taking over second as pole sitter Andy Kania slipped to third.

Scott Gurdak stopped high in turn three for the first caution of the event with six laps complete. Back under way, Barton and Hackett cross the start/finish line dead even on lap eight, and Barton led by a nose on lap nine, then by a length on lap ten. Blair moved to fourth from his ninth starting spot after gaetting by Chad Valone.

Barton entered lap traffic just one lap before the half way mark, but Boom Briggs, after nearly recovering from a spin, only to get bumped by a passing racer, brought caution number two. Blair continued his advance, and with 13 to go, he was into third. With nine laps remaining, Blair made his charge to the front using the outside to pass Hackett, then one lap later did the same with Barton to cross the finish with a half-straightaway lead.  

ULMS - Stateline Speedway
1) Robbie Blair, 2) Dick Barton, 3) Chris Hackett, 4) Andy Kania, 5) Chad Valone, 6) Bump Hedman, 7) Jason Morell, 8) Dutch Davies, 9) Scott Garland, 10) John Lacki, 11) John Volpe, 12) John Lobb, 13) Doug Eck, 14) Greg Oakes, 15) Chad Silleman, 16) Boom Briggs, 17) Nathan Short, 18) Dereck Frank, 19) Randy Lobb, 20) Mike Knight, 21) Andy Boozel, 22) Dave Hess Jr., 23) Darrell Bossard, 24) Scott Gurdak
Heat winners (31 entries): Hackett, Ripley, Valone, Hedman; Consolation Winners: Lobb, Eck.

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