- Sept. 10 - Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex by Sam Holbrooks


UFO/Three-State Flyers: Jared Miley Triumphant In 14th annual "King of the Knob"

Track report

MARKLEYSBURG, Pa. - Sept. 10. Jared Miley, of South Park, Pa., won his first-ever checkered flag Saturday at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex. Miley’s win came in the 14th running of the “King of the Knob” for Late Models. The 51-lap event was co-sanctioned by the UFo and Three State Flyers Series and paid the winner $5000.

D.J. Cline took the initial lead, but Miley passed him on lap two for the lead. Devin Friese got around Cline for second on lap nine, then made his move on a lap 12 restart and took the lead from Miley. Friese’s lead was short lived when Miley retook the top spot on lap 16.

While Miley led the battle, racing in his rearview mirror was furious as Friese, Jason Covert (from 11th) and Jared Hawkins were dicing it out for the runner-up spot. Covert masterfully worked his way into contention and took the second spot on lap 25, then moved in and challenged Miley for the lead. As they battled, Hawkins also joined in, as did Friese. Miley had his hands full, but never skipped a beat out front.

The final caution appeared on lap 48. When the green dropped, Hawkins took advantage of a rare Covert mistake to take second and immediately caught the high flying Miley. Hawkins, fresh off his big wins last week at Tyler County, threw all he had at Miley, but came up a little short. Miley parked the #H1 in victory lane for the first time at Roaring Knob and added his name to the impressive list of drivers who have been crowned “King of the Knob”. Hawkins settled for second followed by Jason Covert, Devin Friese, Jeremy Miller, who came from the tail after a spin, Corey Conley (from 20th), Butch McGill, Mason Zeigler, Danny Mitchell (from 19th) and Jerry Bard.


Sept. 10 - 3SF/UFO at Roaring Knob
1) Jared Miley, 2) Jared Hawkins, 3) Jason Covert, 4) Devin Friese, 5) Jeremy Miller, 6) Corey Conley, 7) Butch McGill, 8) Mason Zeigler, 9) Danny Mitchell, 10) Jerry Bard, 11) Chad McClellan, 12) Scott Rhodes, 13) Doug Eck, 14) Tim Senic, 15) Quinton Wyandt, 16) Keith Barbara, 17) Ron Delano, Jr., 18) Chris Meadows, 19) Jamie Lathroum, 20) D.J. Cline, 21) Bob Gordon, 22) Scott LeBarron, 23) K.C. Burdette, 24) Mark Booth, 25) Greg Fetters.
Heat wnners: Miley, McGill, Lathroum, Senic. B-Main winners: Fetters.

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