- OH - Sept. 18-19 - Skyline Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Dohm Takes "Swartz Memorial Harvest 50" Final at Skyline; Carrier Harvests Saturday Leadup

By Scott Wolfe

STEWART, Oh. - Sept. 18-19. After Eddie Carrier, Jr. aced the previous night's $3,000 Late Model portion of the evening's show, the end of a three-day festive weekend honoring racing legend Audie Swartz saw second generation driver Zach Dohm, St. Albans, W.V. bring home the $5,000 payday in the Late Model final of the "Audie Swartz Memorial Harvest 50".

Zach Dohm - Skyline Speedway winner

Zach Dohm (Thomas Hendrickson photo)

The previous evening, another West Virginia driver, Eddie Carrier, Jr., of Salt Rock, aced the win in the $3,000 Late Model portion of the evening's show.

In Sunday's final, Fast timer Dohm and veteran Jeff Burdette paced the18-car field to the start. Dohm showed his dominance and stretched out a half -straight lead by lap three, and had already encountered lapped traffic when first caution was for Hot Rod Conley, whistled for a spin on lap 11.

After the restart, Rick Aukland began a charge into second ahead of the father-son duo of Jeff and Colten Burdette. Michael Howard. Tim Dohm then moved into a fight for the top four with the younger Burdette as the race approached the midpoint. The field charged on like a high horsepower freight train with the groove of choice near the bottom of the fast rubber-clad track.

As Dohm again got into lapped traffic, Aukland cut the lead in half. On the 23rd circuit, Rod Conley, Larry Bond, and Chris Carpenter all came together, leaving Conley atop the #18 of Carpenter.

Dohm fired his tires well on the restart and once again stretched out a sizeable lead, but again encountered lapped traffic, and by lap 40, Aukland staged a run at the top spot. The break Dohm needed may have come when Tyler Carpenter hooked a uke tire and slammed into the backchute wall.
With a clear track, Dohm's Wolfpack Rocket/Vic Hill Powered/Seymour Logging #17 flexed its muscle in the last ten circuits, leaving Aukland to finish a distant second and Burdette and Howard to fight it out for third. Carrier worked hard to pass Morrison for a top five, but the local favorite held off the challenges.

When asked what the key to the win was, Dohm said in victory lane, "Tires." What kind? "Can't tell ya," laughed Dohm. "Just a hard compound. Actually, we have struggled on dry slick tracks, and we've got out-run here several times. We just kept working at it and when we got here we were close (on the set-up). I am just really happy to get this win here tonight. It means a lot to all of us." The race was the talented youngster's first Skyline win.

On Saturday, Carrier claimed the first leg of the Harvest 50 weekend for AMRA Late Models after fast timer /dash winner took command at the drop of the green. On lap three, Zach Dohm nosed under Josh McGuire for second. Back in the pack, West Liberty, Ky. driver Michael Howard, Corey Conley, and Chris Carpenter all battled for position. Meanwhile, despite a wall smacking incident on the first lap, Freddie Carpenter, the second B-main winner, had picked up seven spots to 11th.

On the eighth circuit, Jeff Burdette, Roy Roush, and Dan Morrison all went spinning, but after a caution, all continued without incident. Carrier flexed his muscle in grand style from start to finish in the Grover Motorsports/I-E Engines/Ford Powered Rocket. Greggie Oliver and Tim Dohm zoomed up through the pack to challenge for a top five, but nearly everyone was stonewalled by Carrier's dominance.

"We won a $3,000 show here a couple years back and went back to that same set-up," Carrier said in Victory Lane. "Except for losing the driveshaft in hot laps, we set fast time, won the dash, started on the pole and won the feature. It just doesn't get any better than that. We hope we can come back and put it vin ictory lane tomorrow night. That's our goal."

Sept. 19 - Skyline Speedway "Harvest 50" Weekend
1) Zach Dohm, 2) Rick Aukland, 3) Jeff Burdette, 4) Michael Howard, 5) Dan Morrison, 6) Eddie Carrier, Jr., 7) Doug Drown, 8) Wayne Moffitt, Jr., 9) Chris Carpenter, 10) Audie Swartz, 11 Freddie Carpenter, 12) Tyler Carpenter, 13) Larry Bond, 14) Colten Burdette, 15) Greg Oliver, 16) Tim Dohm, 17) Rod Conley, 18) Andy Bond
Fast Time (34 enjtries): Dohm (13:30); Heat winners: Zach Dohm, Jeff Burdette, Colten Burdette, Drown

Sept. 18 - Skyline Speedway "Harvest 50" Weekend
1) Eddie Carrier, Jr. 2) Zach Dohm, 3) Josh McGuire, 4) Chris Carpenter, 5) Michael Howard, 6) Tim Dohm, 7) Greggie Oliver, 8) Freddie Carpenter, 9) Corey Conley, 10) Audie Swartz, 11) Greg Mitchell, 12) Dan Morrison, 13) Wayne Moffitt, Jr., 14) Andy Bond, 15) Jeff Burdette, 16) Bub Crum, 17) Justin Powell, 18) Roy Roush
Fast Time (34 entries): Carrier (14:70); Dash: Carrier; Heat winners: Tim Dohm, Crum, Mitchell, Oliver, B-Main winners: Morrison, Carpenter

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