- OH - Aug. 20 - Moler Raceway Park by Sam Holbrooks


Johnson Reels in "Ike Moler Memorial"

Track report

WILLIAMSBURG, Oh. - Aug. 20. The offering of a $5000 check and the  famed Southern Trophy was enough  incentive to attract 32 top cars to Moler Raceway Park for the fourth running of the track's premiere event, the "Ike Moler Memorial". Bedford, Indiana racer Greg Johnson took home his biggest payday of the season in the annual event.

The “Salt Rock Express”,  Eddie Carrier, Jr., took the top spot in qualifying with a 12.673 lap around the ¼ mile speedway. In the fast car dash, however, it was Bradford, Ohio’s Wayne Chinn and Cross Lanes, West Virginia’s Zach Dohm battling the for the top spot before Chinn took the checkered flag and the pole position for the 50 lap feature event.

With a 22-car starting line-up staged, it was Chinn and Dohm out front as the race went green. At the halfway mark, the front two were the same, but it was Johnson on the move as he was up to third spot, with Carrier and R.J. Conley rounding out the top five.

Chinn maintained the lead until, with ten laps to go, Johnson, in his Lineal Contracting, Universal Holdings, Kendall Truck & Parts machine, took over the top position and set sail for the win for car owner Jack Rainey. Chinn held on
for second, followed by Dohm, Carrier, and Justin Ratliff.

Aug.20 - Moler Raceway Park "Ike Moler Memorial"
1) Greg Johnson, 2) Wayne Chinn, 3) Zack Dohm, 4) Eddie Carrier Jr., 5) Justin Rattliff, 6) R.J. Conley, 7) Duane Chamberlain, 8) Scott James, 9) Rick Combs, 10) Greg Oliver, 11) Tim Prince, 12) Audie McWilliams, 13) Chad Stapleton, 14) Barry Doss, 15) John Whitney, 16) Rod Conley, 17) Robby Hensley, 18) Larry Pickelheimer Jr., 19) Wayne Maffett Jr., 20) Jason Jameson, 21) Tim Carpenter, 22) Dillon Huron.

Heat winners (32 entries): Johnson, James, Oliver; B-Main winners: Jamison, Pickelheimer.

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