- Oct 23 - Whynot Motorsports Park by Sam Holbrooks


Brian Birkhofer - Whyot Fall Classic

Brian Birkhofer's late season surge can now add the annual "Fall Classic" at Whynot (Miss.) Motorsports Park.  (Drew England)

Birkhofer Earns Second Career "Fall Classic" at Whynot 

MERIDIAN, Miss. - Oct. 23. Brian Birkhofer, of Muscatine, Iowa, claimed his second career "Fall Classic" win as the Whynot Motorsports Park once again staged the 16th annual version of the annual classic. The personable midwestern veteran earned $15,000 for his efforts after becoming the race's fourth leader.

Birkhofer tucked into his third starting spot as Chris Wall and Mike Marlar - both winners of big Magnolia State events in the past, launched the 24-car starting field. Marlar took a strong lead, while Wall fought Don O'Neal for second and Birkhofer dropped into fourth.  O'Neal finally shed himself of Wall and set out to close Marlar's big lead.

Birkhofer snatched third from Wall on lap 17, while O’Neal closed in and chased Marlar until slipping by him for the lead on lap 25. Wall regained second from Marlar, then went after O'Neal until getting by on the top side on lap 42. Birkhofer soon followed suit, dropping O'Neal to third and reeling in Wall's #71. Birkhofer powered past on lap 62 with the winning move.

Wall, O’Neal, and Marlar soon found another player in the mix as Billy Moyer joied the fight for second and finally prevailed during the last quarter of the race. Birkhofer held off the country's top DLM driver on a final caution to garner his fifth special event victory of the season. Wall and Marlar held onto third and fourth, while Dale McDowell raced from mid-pack to fill out the top five. Behind him, 17th starter Jimmy Mars took home sixth place honors.

Jamie Tollison earned the Crate Late Model win.  Chris Ragan got by Chris Washington to claim second, with Washington, Georgia driver Chip Brindle, and local veteran Jim McDuffie rounding out the top five.

Whynot Motorsports Park "Fall Classic"
1) Brian Birkhofer, 2) Billy Moyer, 3) Chris Wall, 4) Mike Marlar, 5) Dale McDowell, 6) Jimmy Mars, 7) Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, 8) Scott Bloomquist, 9) Will Vaught, 10) Don O'Neal, 11) Ray Moore, 12) Clint Smith, 13) Jack Sullivan, 14) Dennis Erb Jr., 15) Dillan White, 16) Chris Brown, 17) Brian Reese, 18) Bub McCool, 19) Jason Cliburn, 20) Dane Dacus, 21) David Ashley, 22) Anthony Burroughs, 23) Billy Moyer, Jr., 24) Tyler Reddick
Fast Time: Sullivan; Heat Winners (60 entries): Wall, Marlar, Birkhofer, O'Neal, Vaught, Dacus.

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