- Oct. 8 - Eldora Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Michigan's Jeep Van Wormer sails Eldora Speedway's high side en route to his UMP "Fall Nationals" win last Saturday. (Drew England)

Jeep Van Wormer after a big win in the UMP- sanctioned final at Eldora Speedway. (Jim Denhamer)

Second running Frank Heckenast, Jr. chases leader Jeep Van Wormer into traffic at Eldora. (Drew England)

Hard racing between Illinois drivers Frank Heckenast and #3 Brian Shirley before Heckenast drove away to second in one of his strongest performances this season. (Jim Denhamer)

Scott James challenges #25 Jason Feger before James exited early and Feger went on to a third place finish at Eldora. (Jim Denhamer)

New National UMP champion Ryan Unzicker at Eldora. (Drew England)

Oct. 8 - Eldora Speedway UMP
1) Jeep Van Wormer, 2) Frank Heckenast, Jr., 3) Jason Feger, 4) Kevin Cole, 5) Ryan Unzicker, 6) Brian Ruhlman, 7) Kent Robinson, 8) Jon Henry, 9) Tim Manville, 10) Rick DeLong, 11) Chad Smith, 12) Devin Shiels, 13) Casey Noonan, 14) Curtis Roberts, 15) Jeff Babcock, 16) Brandon Sheppard, 17) Derek Chandler, 18) Matt Westfall, 19) Jason McBride, 20) Ryan VanderVeen, 21) Phil Ausra, 22) Dona Marcoullier, 23) James Rice, 24) J.R. Hotovy, 25) Eric Spangler, 26) Scott James, 27) Brian Shirley, 28) Rusty Schlenk
Fast Time: Henry (15.654); Heat winners: Van Wormer, Shirley, Noonan, Heckenast, Feger, Smith; B-Main winners: Manville, Babcock

Jim Denhamer photo

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