- Oct. 8 - Caney Valley Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jesse Stovall shadows #98 Justin Wells before reeling in the win over Wells at Caney Valley Speedway Saturday. (Andrew Towne)

Gary Christian and #7c Gary Gorby race for position before finishing third and fourth, respectively, at Caney Valley Speedway. (Andrew Towne)

Bill Koons opts for the low side in three-wide formation at Caney Valley Speedway. (Andrew Towne)


Rippin' the roof off at Caney Valley Speedway. (Andrew Towne)

Jesse Stovall and Co. at Caney Valley. (Andrew Towne)

Oct. 8 - Caney Valley Speedway Topless 40
1) Jesse Stovall, 2) Justin Wells, 3) Gary Christian, 4) Gary Gorby, 5) Joe Gorby, 6) Brandon Morton, 7) Jeff Roth, 8) Shawn Brassfield, 9) Chris Morelock, 10) Randy Roth, 11) Chris Hawkins, 12) Jimmy Seagraves, 13) Kyle Ledford, 14) David Young, 15) Bill Koons, 16) Steve Johnson, 17) Mark Daye, 18) Dallas Sales, 19) Andy Gerstenkorn, 20) Zac Simmons
Heat winners (30 entries): Simmons, Stovall, Wells, Roth; B-Feature winners: Seagraves, Roth

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