- Oct. 8 - 311 Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Oct. 8 - Carolina Clash at 311 Motor Speedway
1) Jeff Smith, 2) Luke Roffers, 3) Dustin Mitchell, 4) Donald Bradsher, 5) Dennis Franklin, 6) Mike Gault, 7) Travis Yow, 8) Tim Allen, 9) Brain Ledbetter, 10) Kyle Pierce, 11) Chuck Smith, 12) Gary Mabe, 13) David Taylor, 14) Ross Bailes, 15) Kenny Compton, Jr, 16) Travis Greer, 17) Jay Sessoms, 18) Johnny Pursley, 19) Justin Labonte, 20) Ray Tucker, 21) Johnny Stovall, 22) Mike Parker, 23) Ricky Weeks, 24) Craig Shuffield, 25) Scott Autry

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Top 50 Drivers For Period Ending 10-09-11


Other Results from October 7-9

Carolina Clash at 311 Motor Speedway

WISSOTA at Viking Speedway

Weekend Warriors

Carolina Speedway - Billy Thompson

Clarksville Speedway - Caleb Ashby

Cleveland Co. Speedway - Brandon Umberger

Hamilton Co. Speedway - Ryan Griffith

Lake Cumberland Speedway - Michael Chilton

Malden Speedway - R.C. Whitwell

Portsmouth Raceway Park - Jackie Boggs

Jackie Boggs at Portsmouth Raceway Park

Jackie Boggs after last Saturday's LM win at Portsmouth Raceway Park. (Mark Bias)

Bob Helm got the flagman's attention at Portsmouth Raceway Park when he hit the wall right under the flagstand last Saturday. (Mark Bias)

Talladega Short Track - Ross Martin

Tazewell Speedway - Brad Lowe (LLM)

Thunderhill Speedway - Seth McCormick

Wayne Co. Speedway - Keith Berner

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