- Oct. 8-9 - Bakersfield Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Bobby Hogge VL - West Coast Shootout at Bakersfield Speedway

Bobby Hogge at Bakersfield Speedway. (K.C. Rooney)

West Coast Shootout: All Hogge Over Two Nights at Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Oct. 9. Taking two different paths to Victory Lane, Bobby Hogge swept two nights of racing at the Bakersfield Speedway to close out the season for the West Coast Late Model Shootout series.

On Friday, Hogge chased Mike Johnson until contact between the two gave Hogge the win and Johnson the spin. Saturday's victory was a flag-to-flag rout that brought the Salinas, California racer's weekend winnings to $5,000, plus another $2,500 for an Open Wheel Modified win.

Bobby Hogge - Bakersfield Speedway West Coast Shootout

Bobby Hogge races toward his second win of the weekend with the West Coast Shootout at Bakersfield Speedway. (K.C. Rooney)

On Friday, fourth fastest qualifier Johnson, of Lompoc, advanced to the win over Hogge in the dash to earn the pole start for the 30-lap feature. He was chased by Hogge until lap 23, when Johnson spun and pitted, and Hogge led the remainder.   Oregon traveller Trevor Glaser took up the chase and finished second ahead of local driver Rob Sanders, fast qualifier Steve Drake, and series regular Clay Daly.

After grabbing an earlier Modified victory worth $2,500 on Saturday, Hogge boarded his #2 Late Model race car to take his position on the outside pole in the same configuration with Johnson. This time, though, Hogge leapt to the lead to race from green to checkers unchallenged for the win.

This time, Johnson tracked the leader throught until, with just two laps to go, he was forced to pit his ailing #7 for his second disappointment of the weekend. Johnson settled for a 19th place to add to his 18th on Friday. Fast qualifier John Lowrey was the main benefactor as he followed Hogge to the finished, with the remaining top five spots going to Drake, Daly, and Glaser.

Though never in contention either night and being shut out of the top five both nights, Mike Kirby, of Torrance, put the wraps on the series' championship for 2010. Drake finished second in points.


Oct. 8 - Bakersfield Speedway WCS
1) Bobby Hogge,2) Trevor Glaser, 3) Robert Sanders, 4) Steve Drake, 5) Clay Daly, 6) Rob Mayea, 7) Mike Kirby, 8) Chris Shannon, 9) Brad Pounds, 10) Billy Workman, Jr., 11) John Lowrey, 12) Devin Crockett, 13) Dino Napier, 14) Nick Bartels, 15) Tony Toste, 16) Tommy Malcolm, 17) Cody Barnett, 18) Bill Bartels, 19) Mike Johnson, 20) Jeff Decker, 21) Dean Moore, 22) Andy Obertello.
Fast Time (29 entries): Drake (13.042); Heat winners: Napier, Decker, Sanders, Pounds; B-Main winners: Lowery, Workman; Dash winner: Johnson

Oct. 9 - Bakersfield Speedway WCS
1) Bobby Hogge, 2) John Lowrey, 3) Steve Drake, 4) Clay Daly, 5) Trevor Glaser, 6) Chris Shannon, 7) Jeff Decker, 8) A.J. Kirkpatrick, 9) Rob Mayea, 10) Nick Bartels, 11) Mike Kirby, 12) Robert Sanders, 13) Dean Moore, 14) Ron Bartels, 15) Jason Selvidge, 16) Dino Napier, 17) Brad Pounds, 18) Mike Johnson, 19) Billy Workman, Jr., 20) Andy Obertello, 21) Tommy Malcolm, 22) Jason Papich
Fast Time (30 entries): Lowery (13.724) Heat winners: Glaser, Decker, Sanders, Shannon; B-Main winners: Selvidge, Workman; Dash winner: Johnson

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