- Oct. 7 - Bakersfield Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Bobby Hogge at Bakersfield Speedway

Bobby Hogge at Bakersfield Speedway after Friday's win on the first night of the "Bud Nationals". (Tom Macht)

West Coast Shootout: Hogge Claims "Budweiser Nationals" Opener at Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Cal. - Oct. 7.  Salinas, California's Bobby Hogge IV swept the evening's events as the annual "Budweiser Nationals" returned to Bakersfield Speedway Friday, featuring the West Coast Shootout Late Model series.

A triumphant Bobby Hogge after his opening night "Bud Nationals" win at Bakersfield Speedway. (K.C. Rooney)
Hogge out-raced local favorite John Lowery to a lead that he would not relinquish, though Lowery would turn up the heat midway through the race. Hogge had begun to build that lead before a lap three caution flew after Larry Childress hit the wall in turn three. Hogge led the field back to green as Clay Daly shot into the top five, passing Jason Selvidge and Anthony Restad to reach third.

Jason Papich brought out the next caution two laps later, and Selvidge got back around Daly, only to suffer a flat tire and produce the next caution.

Mike Kirby and Nick Bartels got a jump on Restad with the new start, with Kirby beginning to close on third running Daly as the field finally got several laps of green flag racing in. Hogge reached the tail end of the field, allowing Lowery to move

Bobby Hogge and John Lowery at Bakersfield Speedway

Bobby Hogge navigates the top side of Bakersfield Speedway en route to Friday's win on the first night of the "Bud Nationals". John Lowery spun his #8 as he challenged Hogge for the lead midway through the event. (Tom Macht)

up to Hogge's rear bumper until the two got too close on lap 17 and Lowery spun his #8 car.

With Lowery out of the way, Kirby's new second place was short-lived as Bartels got the jump on the restart and took over the spot, but Kirby came roaring back to retake second before Hogge pulled away to the $2,000 win. Nartels held down third to finish ahead of Andy Obertello and Daly.  

A flat tire and a wardrobe malfunction for Mike Johnson? (K.C. Rooney)

One of the West Coast's most potent competitors, Mike Kirby slips to the outside of Robert Sanders en route to second place at Bakersfield. Sanders finished sixth. (Tom Macht)


Nick Bartels races toward a third place finish at Bakersfield. (Tom Macht)

Clay Daly, who rolled into Bakersfield Speedway with a narrow West Coast Shootout point lead, finished fifth in the main event after challenging #29 Andy Obertello for the fourth spot. (Tom Macht)

Carla Laney warms up at Bakersfield. (K.C. Rooney)

Oct. 7 - West Coast Shootout - Bakersfield Speedway
1) Bobby Hogge, 2) Mike Kirby, 3) Nick Bartels, 4) Andy Obertello, 5) Clay Daly, 6) Robert Sanders, 7) Anthony Restad, 8) Rob Mayea, 9) Jason Selvidge, 10) Devin Crockett, 11) John Lowrey, 12) Carla Laney, 13) Ron Bartels, 14) Tony Toste, 15) Dino Napier, 16) Jimmy Schram, 17) Bill Bartels, 18) Cody Barnett, 19) Chris Barnett, 20) Chad Reichenbach, 21) Jason Papich, 22) Larry Childress

Tom Macht photo

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