- Oct. 2 - Ponderosa Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Eric Wells - Ponderosa Speedway NASRA winner

Eric Wells at Ponderosa Speedway before inheriting the lead and taking his first special event win of the season in NASRA series action at the Junction City, Ky. track. (Thomas Hendrickson)


Eric Wells put himself in the right place at the right time to get a big NASRA win after a Victor Lee - Mike Marlar duel ended badly.

(Thomas Hendrickson)










NASRA: Wells Wins "Fall Classic" at Ponderosa After Lee/Marlar Duel Goes South

Michael Despain

JUNCTION CITY, Ky. - Oct. 2. Ponderosa Speedway presented the 20th anniversary edition of the "Fall Classic" for the National All Star Racing Association (NASRA) Saturday, and Eric Wells of Hazard, Ky. put his name in the books as a winner of the $5,000 event after a furious battle for the lead between Mike Marlar and Victor went badly.

Victor Lee and Mike Marlar - Ponderosa Speedway NASRA

Second and third running Victor Lee and #36 Mike Marlar raced each other hard through traffic - sometimes three-wide with slower cars, before Lee's tangle with a slower Christian Rayburn caused Marlar to stop and sent both drivers to the rear.  (Thomas Hendrickson)

Dustin Neat - Jeff Watson - Ponderosa Speedway NASRA

After #11 Jeff Watson was forrced to retire from the top five with early problems, #25 Dustin Neat went on to finish second behind Wells. (Thomas Hendrickson)

The race featured a very entertaining battle for the lead late in the race between second-generation racers Lee and Marlar, as the duo would race over every inch of the racing surface from around the midpoint of the race until lap 30, when Lee hit the slower car of Christian Rayburn getting into turn three and got involved in a tangle, while second running Marlar slid into the fray.

Tim Tungate - Mike Marlar - Hendrickson

Tim Tungate fights #36 Mike Marlar before losing an engine early in the race. (Thomas Hendrickson)

Lee was sent to the rear of the field for turning the slower car, and Marlar went to the rear for stopping on the track.  This turn of events handed the lead over to Wells, who drove away on the final restart to claim the $5,000 victory in the David Wells owned Cox Wrecker Service/Tim Short Automotive/ Expressions Floral and Gifts/ Convenient Lube/Rockfork Resources/American Race Tires sponsored #18 Rocket. 

Aaron Ridley - Justin Rattliff - Ponderosa Speedway NASRA

Aaron Ridley tries to hold off #16 Justin Rattliff before finishing seventh and being recognized as the new NASRA champ at the end of the night. (Thomas Hendrickson)

Dustin Neat finished second, followed by Greg Johnson, Justin Rattliff, and 14th starting David Webb. 

Ponderosa Speedway 20th annual "Fall Classic"
1) Eric Wells, 2) Dustin Neat, 3) Greg Johnson, 4) Justin Rattliff, 5) David Webb, 6) Joey Daniel, 7) Aaron Ridley, 8) Marty O’Neal, 9) Victor Lee, 10) Brandon Hardgrove, 11) Skylar Marlar, 12) Bobby Carrier, Jr., 13) John Minon, 14) Christian Rayburn, 15) Bill Bray, 16) Arnie Fields (prov.), 17) Doodle Farris (prov.), 18) Mike Marlar, 19) Tim Rivers, 20) Bobby Wolter, Jr. (prov.), 21) Jeff Watson, 22) Tim Tungate, 23) Randy Robbins

Fast Time (30 entries): Mike Marlar; Heat winners: Wells, Marlar, Lee, Daniel; B-Main winner: Robbins.

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