- Oct. 2 - East Alabama Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jonathan Davenport at East Alabama Motor Speedway

Jonathan Davenport led a field of nine remaining cars to the checkers during Sunday's "Alabama State Championship" Late Model race at East Alabama Motor Speedway. (Ron Skinner) 

 Vic Hill and Clint Smith at East Alabama Motor Speedway

Clint Smith and #1 Vic Hill at East Alabama. Hill drove to an apparent second place finish before being disqualified for disallowed tires. (Ron Skinner)

Aaron Ridley and William Thomas at EAMS - Skinner

William Thomas chases Aaron Ridley before dropping off early at East Alabama. (Ron Skinner)

Chris Madden and Clint Smith at East Alabama Motor Speedway

Chris Madden and #44 Clint Smith pass the flagstand at East Alabama. Madden inherited second after Vic Hill's disqualification. (Ron Skinner)

Crate winner William Thomas at EAMS

William Thomas was one of the first out of the hunt in the SLM event at his home track, but the earlier Crate Late Model Championship win was his. (Ron Skinner)

 Sportsman champion Ivedent Lloyd

Ocala, Florida's Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. was the Late Model Sportsman winner at EAMS. (Ron Skinner)


Oct. 2 - East Alabama Motor Speedway Ala. State Championships
1) Jonathan Davenport, 2) Chris Madden, 3) Tony Knowles, 4) Jake Knowles, 5) Tyler Ivey, 6) Terrance Nowell, 7) Donald Bradsher, 8) Gar Dickson, 9) Richie Stephens, 10) Adam Giles, 11) Hunter Peacock, 12) Mike Nasworthy, 13) Benji Cole, 14) Aaron Ridley, 15) Jordy Nipper, 16) Riley Hickman, 17) Lee Sutton, 18) Brian Reese, 19) Jason Hiett, 20) Lavon Sparks, 21) Dennis Franklin, 22) William Thomas, 23) Clint Smith

Crate Late Model Feature:
1) William Thomas, 2) Brandon Overton, 3) Chris Cantrell, 4) Larry Harrod, 5) Joey Thomas, 6) Jordy Nipper, 7) Craig Scott, 8) Tod Darda, 9) Tyler Millwood, 10) Thomas Lewis, 11) Chase Edge, 12) Russ Ogletree, 13) Paul Walters, 13) Rodgerick Dykes, 14) Joey Eiland, 15) Jonathan Davenport, 16) Jeff Smith, 17) Ivedent Lloyd, 18) Brian Ligon, 19) Pierce McCarter, 20) Chad Smith, 21) Eric Baggett, 22) Scott Knowles, 23) Dana Eiland

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Weekend Warriors

Travis Fultz at Tazewell Speedway
Travis Fultz was recognized last week as the 2011 Track LM champion at Tazewell (Tenn.) Speedway. (Allen Earl photo)

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