- Oct. 2 - Allageny County Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


UFO: Briggs Conquers Kahuna X at The Rock

Matt Felten, ACS media

CUMBERLAND, Md. – Oct. 2 Rick “Boom” Briggs conquered the Big Kahuna X by going 44 laps from start to finish in the lead on Saturday at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway. Briggs won his first Big Kahuna title for $5,000, which was run under the UFo Race Championship banner for the first time.

Briggs, of Bear Lake, Pa., passed polesitter Mike Lupfer at the outset and led Jeff Rine through the first third of the race. Traffic became a factor on lap 13 and Rine and third place Ricky Elliott eventually closed the gap to under a second.

Yellow flags on consecutive laps didn’t faze Briggs either. Rine gave up second to Elliott on lap 28 after a double-file restart, only to reclaim it on the last restart one lap later. The top five eventually settled down to Briggs, Rine, Dylan Yoder, Elliott and Troutman.

Briggs prevailed by nearly three seconds. He previously finished fifth in the 2008 race.

Oct. 2 - Big Kahuna - Allegany County Speedway
1) Boom Briggs; 2. Jeff Rine; 3. Dylan Yoder; 4. Rick Elliott; 5. D.J. Troutman; 6. Gary Stuhler; 7. Keith Jackson; 8. Chuck Clise; 9. Nick Dickson; 10. Jim Yoder; 11. Jack Pencil; 12. Mike Lupfer; 13. Scott Haus; 14. Keith Barbara; 15. Ray Davis, Jr.; 16. Greg Fetters; 17. Wayne Johnson; 18. Mason Zeigler, 19. Derek Byler; 20. Jared Miley; 21. Doug Horton; 22. Gregg Satterlee; 23. Alan Sagi; 24. John Mollick; 25. Chad McClellan. (33 entries)

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