- Oct. 2 - ABC Raceway by Sam Holbrooks


Peterlin Picks Up First Career "Red Clay Classic" Win at ABC

ASHLAND, Wis. - Oct. 2.  Kyle Peterlin laid claim to his first career win in Saturday's 35th annual "Red Clay Classic" at the ABC Raceway. Peterlin, despite having earned this year’s track championships at both Hibbing Raceway and Proctor Speedway, claimed his first ever win at ABC, earning $4,000 for his day's work after starting on the pole and dominating all 50 laps.

Peterlin pulled away from Minnesota veteran Lance Matthees and had caught the rear of the field by lap 12, while Matthees hands his hands full with challenges from Jake Redetzke, who drove around the outside of Matthees as he protected the low line from Steve Laursen. Behind Matthees and Laursen, it was Pat Doar and 11th starting Justin Fegers fighting for fifth.

Laursen finally got by Matthees for second on lap 18, and Fegers and Doar soon followed suit, but on lap 30, contact from Fegers sent Laursen into a spin for the race's lone caution. With the restart, Peterline was trailed by Laursen, Matthees, Nick Anvelink, and Redetzke.

As Peterlin pulled away again, Redetzke began to challenge Anvelink for fourth, while up front, Matthees passed Laursen to return to second. As Laursen began to fall back, Anvelink got by him for third with ten laps remaining, then grabbed second from Matthees.  Anvelink was able to close up on Peterlin in late traffic, but it was too little too late as Peterlin led comfortable at the finish, separated from Anvelink by a lapped car. Matthees nipped Redetzke for third, while 20th starting Marshall Fegers got by Darrell Nelson in the closing laps to claim fifth.

ABC Raceway "Red Clay Classic"
1) Kyle Peterlin, 2) Nick Anvelink, 3) Lance Matthees, 4) Jake Redetzke, 5) Marshall Fegers, 6) Darrell Nelson, 7) Steve Laursen, 8) Joel Cryderman, 9) Pat Doar, 10) Eric Breeschoten, 11) Brent Larson, 12) Travis Budisalovich, 13) Rick Hanestad, 14) Don Copp, 15) John Henkemeyer, 16) Justin Fegers, 17) John Kaanta, 18) Chris Oertel, 19) Tom Naeyaert, 20) Darin Meierotto, 21) Ron Berna, 22) Adam Hensel, 23) Tim McMann, 24) Harry Hanson, 25) Jeff Provinzino.

Heat winners:Breeschoten; Matthees, Peterlin, Cryderman; Semi-Feature winners: Provinzino, Henkemeyer.

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