- Oct. 1 - North Florida Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Oct. 1 - UDLMCS at North Florida Speedway

Kyle Van Sickle VL North Florida Speedway

Kyle Van Sickle after his first United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series (UDLMCS) win of the season at North Florida Speedway. (Rick Warren)

Keith Nosbisch at North Florida Speedway

Keith Nosbisch saw a strong run end after contact with another car. The Florida veteran finished with a crippled #02. (Rick Warren) 

Jack Nosbisch and #5 Johnny Collins

Jack Nosbisch and #5 Johnny Collins. (Rick Warren)

Shan Smith and Doug Watson

Shan Smith and Doug Watson. (Rick Warren)


Wehrs Machine

A-Team gsm

Top 50 Drivers For Period Ending 10-02-11


Other Results from October 6-8

Carolina Clash at 311 Motor Speedway

WISSOTA at Viking Speedway

Weekend Warriors

Travis Fultz at Tazewell Speedway
Travis Fultz was recognized last week as the 2011 Track LM champion at Tazewell (Tenn.) Speedway. (Allen Earl photo)

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