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WISSOTA: Redetzke Keeps Family Tradition at ABC "Red Clay Classic"

Nick Gima, track p.r.


ASHLAND, Wis. - Oct. 1. Jake Redetzke of Eau Claire followed in his father’s celebrated footsteps Saturday, completing the first father-son to win "Red Clay Classic" features during the 36th running of the traditional stock car racing finale at the ABC Raceway on a crisp, clear autumn evening.

Redetzke, whose father Jerry won the RCC late model feature in 1999, was literally uncatchable almost from the drop of the green of the 50-lap, $4,000-to-win WISSOTA event, and subsequently after each of the five restarts. After starting inside on row two, the younger Redetzke quickly moved into position to challenge for the early lead as he and Darin Meierotto slipped past pole starter Mike Goodremote through the first corners, with Meierotto gaining the advantage. Behind Goodremote in third and Rick Hanestad in fourth, the field ganged up four-wide to battle for fifth.

Tommy Waseleski, Jr, was the first to make some noise, charging quickly from his fourth-row start to claim fifth from Darrell Nelson and then fourth from Hanestad with a pair of inside moves on lap two. On the next lap, Redetzke fought his way past Meierotto into the lead, and from there the race was for second. By lap six, the lead was up to 1.9 seconds, but that was eliminated by a three-car spin.

On the restart, Goodremote took a look to the inside on Meierotto and slipped by for second. Four laps later, Waseleski again worked inside, this time getting Meierotto for third, while all this time Redetzke was rebuilding his lead. Nelson and eighth-starting Tim Isenberg each then displaced Meierotto over successive laps in the top five, but Isenberg’s run to the front came to a sudden end when his motor exploded on the front straightaway on lap 15.


On lap 30 of 50, Redetzke had caught the backmarkers, giving Goodremote a chance to cut into the huge deficit. But instead of gaining ground, Goodremote saw Redetzke’s car only get smaller as the leader deftly cut through slower traffic and improve his lead to over three seconds. Nelson, however, did take advantage of the traffic, slipping past Waseleski and quickly reeling in Goodremote to challenge for second, with Fegers now in close pursuit.


A spin by rookie Mark Rose slowed the torrid pace with 11 laps to go, and when Goodremote opted for the outside spot in row two for the “Delaware double-file” restart Nelson snookered him to steal second place before getting to turn one. But John Henkemeyer’s loop in turn three negated the pass, and Goodremote took note, starting inside this time and holding the spot on the next attempt. Fegers continued his surge forward, slipping inside on Waseleski to take fourth, with 15th-starting Adam Hensel following in his tire tracks into the top five.


Nelson’s run ended in heartbreak like Isenberg’s, with a blown motor with seven laps remaining, but Nelson was able to coast off the track, keeping the race under green. Three laps later Redetzke’s lead was over three seconds again, but a three-car spin brought the field to his bumper for a four-lap shootout.

Fegers took one look at an outside move on Goodremote for second, but the 2001 RCC champ held the position, while Redetzke shot away again to a 2.75-second margin of victory over Goodremote, Fegers, Hensel and Waseleski. Meierotto led the second five, ahead of past race winners Steve Laursen and Kyle Peterlin, WISSOTA 100 winner Lance Matthees, and double-duty racers Jensen and Larson.



Oct. 1 - ABC Raceway Red Clay Classic
1) Jake Redetzke, 2) Mike Goodremote, 3) Justin Fegers, 4) Adam Hensel, 5) Tom Waseleski, Jr.,6) Darin Meierotto, (7) Steve Laursen, 8) Kyle Peterlin, 9) Lance Matthees, 10) Joey Jensen, 11) Brent Larson, 12) Joey Ogston, 13) John Kaanta, 14) Ryan Aho, 15) Harry Hanson, 16) Todd Frank, 17) John Henkemeyer, 18) Darrell Nelson, 19) Chad Mahder, 20) Mark Rose, 21) Rick Hanestad, 22) Marshall Fegers, 23) Tim Isenberg, 24) Don Copp. 

Charlie Lancour photo 


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