- Oct. 15-16 - USA Raceway by Sam Holbrooks


SWDRA: Payne and Partner Control "Carl Trimmer Classic" Final at Tucson; Drake Takes Prelim


Kevin Montgomery


TUCSON, Ariz. - Oct. 16. The second annual "Carl Trimmer Classic" is in the books as Jeremy Payne captured the 25-Lap Total Seal Late Model Dirt Racing Series feature event at Tucson's USA Raceway. Steve Drake topped Payne in Friday's preliminary feature.


Payne took the lead from his pole position and remained flawless for the entire race as his teammate R.C. Whitwell drove from fifth to take the second spot, giving Jeff Sires and team EDG a one-two finish.  Whitwell battled Canadian Mike Balcaen for several laps before taking the runner up spot, leaving Balcaen to settle for the show position.


Nick Bartels and Friday's preliminary winner Steve Drake rounded out the top five.


On Friday, Drake used a front row starting bid to capture the Carl Trimmer Classic preliminary SWDRA Late Model feature.  


With 30 Late Models on hand, Drake topped the field by leading all 25 laps while holding off sixth starter Jeremy Payne, who was followed by Joey Moriarty.


Oct. 16th Finish: 1) Jeremy Payne, 2) R.C. Whitwell, 3) Mike Balcaen, 4) Nick Bartels, 5) Steve Drake, 6) Dean Moore, 7) Ricky Thorton, Jr., 8) Lonnie Parker, Jr.,9) Clay Daly, 10) Nick Bartels, 11) Brad Williams, 12) Garrett Alberson, 13) Jason Papich, 14) Tommy Hussak, 15) Art Lacy, 16) Joey Moriarty, 17) Karl Tipton, 18) Anthony Madrid, 19) Keith Noyes, 20) Tony Toste
Heat Races (32 entries): Balcaen, Whitwell, Parker; B-Feature: Alberson


Oct. 15 Finish:  1) Steve Drake, 2) Jeremy Payne, 3) Joey Moriarty, 4) Ricky Thornton, Jr., 5) Karl Tipton, 6) Jason Noll, 7) Lonnie Parker, Jr.,8) Clay Daly, 9) Garrett Alberson, 10) Tony Toste, 11) Keith Noyes, 12) Brad Williams, 13) James Chavez, Jr., 14) John Romero, 15) Jeff Manka, 16) Anthony Madrid, 17) John Cornell, 18) Mark Harrison, 19) Jason Papich
Heat Races (28 entries): Thornton, Tipton, Noyes, Payne; B-Feature: Toste



Updated 11/02/10

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