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Ocala Speedway - Ocala

Oct. 2:  Ocala Speedway brought the Late Models back, and the racing got intense at times before Ivedent Lloyd took another Ocala Speedway win.
On lap one, Cory Howard had been involved in an accident, and while under yellow, he climbed the back stretch wall. The last 23 laps were run under green and dust, leading to an exciting battle where Dillon Wood and Lloyd swapped the lead three. Lloyd would win the battle, while Wood had to settle for second over Keith Nosbisch, Brandon DeWitt, and Brandon Cameron.
Oct. 2 Finish:
1- 21 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
2- 7 Dillon Wood
3- 101 Keith Nosbisch
4- 2 Brandon DeWitt
5- 55 Brandon Cameron
6- 35 Christian Augspuirger
7- 46P Darrell Padgett
8- 58 Mark Whitener
9- 18JO J.O. Nobles
10- 5K Ryan Mitchell
11- 16 Patrick Williams
12- Z Tim Zackery
13- 24 Dennis Williams
14- 28 Austin Kirkpatrick
15- 23VP V.P. Pipkin
16- 30 Larry Anderson
17- 32 Phillip Cobb
18- 72P Len Parrish
19- 4H Cory D. Howard
20- 07 Doug Watson
21- 158 Augie Burtram
Sept. 24: Rained out
Sept. 18: No Late Models
Sept. 11: Mark Whitener has control of the points lead at Ocala Speedway, and he wasted zero time in taking control of Friday's feature race. 
After being chased down and beaten on the last lap on Saturday at the opposite end of the Ocala National Forest, "The Magic Man" was not going to allow history to repeat itself less than a week later.  He quickly took control of the race from the man who beat him the previous weekend and never looked back, leaving everyone else to squabble over second place.
Whitener's big lead was erased on lap 10 when a caution bunched up the field, and Jackie Nosbisch got past John Kellum for the second spot.  Kellum also failed to hold off Ivedent Lloyd who climbed to third place and began challenging Nosbisch for second. 
In the final few laps, Patrick Williams had also passed Kellum and was chasing down Nosbisch and Lloyd. Nobody could catch Mark Whitener, though, as he scored an impressive victory, and Lloyd managed to fight his way to the second finishing spot while Nosbisch settled for third. 
Sept. 11 results:
1- 58 Mark Whitener
2- 21 Ivedent Lloyd Jr.
3- 12 Jack Nosbisch
4- 16 Patrick Williams
5- 41K John Kellum
Sept. 4: No Late Models

Aug. 27: No racing

Aug. 20: No racing

Aug. 13: No racing

Aug. 7: 1) Mark Whitener, 2) Patrick Williams, 3) Keith Nosbisch, 4) Ryan Mitchell, 5) Ivedent Lloyd. (18 cars)

July 31: Late Models did not compete.

July 23: 1) J.O. Nobles, 2) Ivedent Lloyd Jr., 3) Mark Whitener, 4) John Koller, 5) Skeeter Kedmon

July 17: No Late Models

July 10: No Late Models

June 26: No Late Models

June 19: Rained outJune 12: Rained out

May 28: Rained out

May 22 Finish: 1. Jack Nosbisch, 2. Phillip Cobb, 3. Mark Whitener, 4. J.O., Nobles, 5. Christian Augspurger

April 23 Finish: 1. Mark Whitener, 2. J.O. Nobles, 3. Tyler Ivey, 4. Phillip Cobb, 5. Doodle Pipken

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