- May 2 - North Florida Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Mark Whitener - May 2

Almost a year to the day since his last UDLMCS win at North Florida Speedway, Mark Whitener took his #58 to another win on the tour at the Lake City track on May 2nd. (Rick Warren)

Mark Whitener - Dillon Wood

Mark Whitener races #26 Dillon Wood in an earlier heat race at North Florida Speedway. (Rick Warren)

Bedenbaugh - Kellum - Nosbisch

In the angst-ridden final circuits of the Lake City UDLMCS event, Adam Bedenbaugh (26), John Kellum, and Keith Nosbisch stack `em up on the front straight-away. (Rick Warren)

Bedenbaugh - Cameron - Barber

Close quarter racing between #6 Clay Bedenbaugh, #22 Brandon Cameron, and Dave Barber, Jr. in a UDLMCS heat race at North Florida Speedway. (Rick Warren)

Tyler Ivey - Perry Brown

Perry Brown and #47 Tyler Ivey choose their lanes at North Florida. (Rick Warren)

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