- May 29 - Magnolia Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Shane Clanton VL Magnolia Motor Speedway

Shane Clanton after his first Southern All Stars win of the season at Mississippi's Magnolia Motor Speedway. (Scott Oglesby)

Klint Byars - Brian Reese at Magnolia Motor Speedway Southern All Stars

Friday night's SAS winner at Whynot Speedway Park, Klint Byars, races inside of Brian Reese en route to his seventh place at Magnolia Motor Speedway. Reese was an early dropout. (Scott Oglesby)

Chris Wall - Shep Lucas - Southern All Stars at Magnolia Motor Speedway

Eventual runner up Chris Wall tries to keep his #71 down low with Florida's Shep Lucas (#57) and another car racing close by. (Scott Oglesby) 

Rodney Wing - Brian Reese

Whynot Speedway Park promoter Rodney Wing and #33 Brian Reese in action at Magnolia Motor Speedway. (Scott Oglesby)

Shane Clanton - Chris Wall - Magnolia Motor Speedway Southern All Stars

Shane Clanton keeps Chris Wall at bay en route to last Saturday's Southern All Stars victory at Magnolia Motor Speedway. (Scott Oglesby)   

May 29 - SAS at Magnolia Motor Speedway
1) Shane Clanton, 2) Chris Wall, 3) Chip Brindle, 4) Brooks Strength, 5) Eric Cooley, 6) Ronnie Johnson, 7) Klint Byars, 8) Skip Arp, 9) William Thomas, 10) Tommy Kerr, 11) Jason Brock, 12) Shep Lucas, 13) David Payne, 14) Scott Creel, 15) Charlie Henderson, 16) Jay Burchfield, 17) Rodney Wing, 18) Jonathan Davenport, 19) Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, 20) Billy Ogle, Jr., 21) Justin McRee, 22) Jimmy Cliburn, 23) Brian Reese, 24) Dane Dacus (47 entries)


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