- May 29 - Hagerstown Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Hagerstown "Bonebrake Tribute" a Dream Come True For Pencil

by Bob Vores 

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - May 29. Jack Pencil has done a lot in his racing career, but on Saturday evening, he accomplished what he’s always wanted to do, and that was to win a race at Hagerstown Speedway. Not only did “the Flying School Teacher” from Bedford, Pa get his career first - it was the 15th annual Bonebrake Tribute. Pencil captured the Three State Flyers Late Model Series event by beating Jason Covert, the defending winner of the race, who also has won the last and only four Flyer events held at Hagerstown.

Pulling into victory lane, Pencil was overjoyed on his accomplishment.

“I hope this isn’t a dream when I wake up,” he said. “I’ve come here ever since I was three years old back in 1966 and watched all the sprint cars, Elmer Ruby, Irvin King and all those guys. I’ve come down here religiously and before my career ended, I wanted to win a race here - especially after last year’s fire that devastated our whole team, my dad getting burned, and coming back. We fought hard all last year.”

Pencil started outside Covert on the front row and led lap 18 before Covert reassumed the lead. Pencil kept his composure as Covert edged away slightly, but with ten laps remaining, Pencil crept closer and retook the position on lap 30, only for Covert to lead at the flag two laps later. At this point, Pencil wasn’t about to let this one get away while they worked at the rear of the field. He secured the lead and took the checkered by .749 seconds with the lapped car of Nathan Durboraw between them.

“I’d like especially to say thanks to Denny Bonebrake. When I broke my wrist 10 to15 years ago, Denny drove my car down here and he showed me how to get around this place,” Pencil said. “The Bonebrake family is a class act. If there was one race I could win at Hagerstown, I’m glad it was this one.”

Following qualifications, the top two from each heat drew for the dash line up as Covert drew the pole and Pencil, third spot. While most thought it would be a Covert benefit, Pencil had other thoughts and used the track as if he raced there regularly.

Until the single caution on lap 12, Covert controlled the race with a comfortable lead over Pencil and Frankie Plessinger who took third on lap four.

Pencil battled with Covert following the restart and took the lead for the 18th lap before Covert pulled ahead again as Gary Stuhler and Marvin Winters battled for fourth after passing Matt Parks.

With ten to go, Pencil closed on Covert to get under him and led two laps while Covert wasn’t ready to give up and led with three to go. Pencil again continued to hit his marks and reassumed the point with three to go while several cars were directly ahead and he worked past three of them to head from the final turn with Nathan Durboraw between himself and Covert and a .749 second victory.

“When you beat Jason Covert, you’re beating one of the best in the country, that’s how much I respect Jason so this is one of my best wins ever,” Pencil said.

Plessinger remained a solid third with 12th starting Stuhler and 19th starter, D. J. Myers taking fifth with four laps to go.

Three State Flyers Late Models, Hagerstown Speedway Richard Bonebrake Tribute - May 29th

1. Jack Pencil; 2. Jason Covert; 3. Frankie Plessinger; 4. Gary Stuhler; 5. D.J. Myers; 6. Marvin Winters; 7. Matt Parks; 8. Nick Dickson; 9. J.T. Spence; 10. Roy Deese, Jr.; 11. Scott LeBarron; 12. Keith Jackson; 13. Jamie Lathroum; 14. Greg Fetters; 15. Mike Lupfer; 16. Chuck Clise; 17. Brian Booze; 18. Nathan Durboraw; 19. Al Shawver Jr.; 20. Brian Bernheisel; 21. Jeremy Miller; 22. Randy Burkholder; 23. Andy Anderson; 24. Devin Friese.
Heat winners: Friese, Covert, Plessinger, Parks; B-Main winner: Miller

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