- May 29-30 - Viking Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Wildung, Johnson Share NLRA Memorial  Weekend Twins at Viking Speedway

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. - May 29. Jeff Wildung continued his domination of racing in the area with his win Friday in the first of two National LateModel Racing Association (NLRA) events scheduled for the Memorial weekend, while Zach Johnson raced from his sixth starting position to win night two of the pair.

On Friday, Wildung grabbed an early lead over Eric Breeschoten, while Jeremy Keller moved quickly from his eighth starting spot to battle Breesvhoten for second.  Sixteenth starting Marshall Fegers was also on the move as he flew into the top five with six laps to go.

Caution flew with five to go, and Fegers sat in fourth for the restart. Fegers then leapt into second with the green flag, but despite his stunning run up to second, he had nothing for Wildung. Behind  Fegers, Keller maintained third over Breeschoten and Justin Fegers.

The 37-car Late Model field saw five heat races go to Matt Aukland, Breeschoten, Wildung, Seth Brede, and Jason Thoennes. Marshall Fegers and Lance Mathees took the B-Mains.

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. - May 30. On Saturday, Johnson maintained some early season muscle of his own. As Johnson launched from his sixth starting spot, Wildung and Pat Doar battled for the lead. Johnson soon made it a threesome and finally prevailed to capture the lead and race to the win over Wildung, Doar, Ricky Weiss, and Mike Balcaen.  

Heat winners were Doar, Wildung, Balcaen, and Keller, while Breeschoten won the B-Main before roaring from 17th spot to eighth at the finish of the main event.

NLRA / WISSOTA - Viking Speedway - May 29-30
May 29th Feature #1 Finish: 1) Jeff Wildung, 2) Marshall Fegers, 3) Jeremy Keller, 4) Eric Breeschoten, 5) Justin Fegers, 6) Matt Aukland, 7) Zach Johnson, 8) Rick Weiss, 9) Seth Brede, 10) Mike Balcaen, 11) Pat Doar, 12) Paul Mueller, 13) Michael Johnson, 14) Doug Herrick, 15) Chad Becker, 16) Shawn Holden, 17) Brad Seng, 18) Shawn Kirwin, 19) Mike Bruns, 20) Scott Johnson, 21) Lance Mathees, 22) Matt Weisman, 23) Joel Cryderman, 24) Cody Skytland, 25) Jason Thoennes

May 30th Feature #2 Finish: 1) Zach Johnson, 2) Jeff Wildung, 3) Pat Doar, 4) Ricky Weiss, 5) Mike Balcaen, 6) Doug Herrick, 7) Lance Mathees, 8) Eric Breeschoten, 9) Michael Johnson, 10) Scott Greer, 11) Shaun Peterson, 12) Mike Bruns, 13) Brock Gronwold, 14) Shawn Holden, 15) Seth Brede, 16) Cody Skytland, 17) Marshall Fegers, 18) Brad Seng, 19) Joe Johnson, 20) Justin Fegers, 21) Jason Thoennes, 22) Rick Nelson, 23) Jeremy Keller, 24) Joel Cryderman, 25) Mark Halverson

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