- May 28 - Lucas Oil Speedway Show-Me 100 by Sam Holbrooks

Jimmy Owens - Show Me 100 winner hp
Lucas Oil Series: Owens Claims "Show-Me" in a Close One 
James Essex 
WHEATLAND, Mo. – May 28. Jimmy Owens of Newport, Tenn. held off Scott Bloomquist at the finish line to win the 19th annual DART "Show-Me 100" Presented by Lucas Oil Products on Saturday at Lucas Oil Speedway. Owens took home $30,000 for the victory after nearly giving away the win on the final lap when he pushed up the track in turn four. Owens recovered and barely managed to hold off Bloomquist at the line to win a half car length in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt and Lucas Oil MLRA sanctioned event. 
Steve Casebolt - Don O'Neal at Lucas Oil Speedway Show Me 100
Don O'Neal (#71) led part of the main event, but began to slip in the closing laps, while #9 Steve Casebolt put in his best showing of the year with his advance to third. (Rich Edwards, Jr.)
“That was one tremendous race from start to finish, the car was great all 100 laps. When I got by (Don) O’Neal, I knew we had a real good chance to win, but I nearly gave it away there in turn four. The car pushed up the track and he (Bloomquist) was right there, and I was afraid I had just thrown the $30,000 out the window,” said the 39-year-old, who picked up his first win in the Memorial Day weekend crown jewel event. 
Steve Francis - Jonathan Davenport - Steve Casebolt
Close racing between Jonathan Davenport (#49), who dropped out early veteran Steve Francis (#15), who finished seventh, and #9 Steve Casebolt, who rallied to third. (Lloyd Collins)
Owens led three different times during the race; he led the first six laps of the race until Dan Schlieper took over the lead on a restart. Schlieper held the lead until Owens set up the veteran driver and maneuvered around him on lap 19. O’Neal then made the top side work to his advantage as he sailed around Owens to take over the lead on lap 38. O’Neal, Owens, and Bloomquist then pulled away from the field as the trio battled through heavy traffic. O’Neal continued to lead the field for most of the race as he held off several attempts from Owens. 
Brian Birkhofer - Don O'Neal - Tyler Landers
Brian Birkhofer (#15) slipped by early leader #71 Don O'Neal in the later laps and garnered fourth, while Batesville, Ark. driver Jared Landers (#7) picked up tenth. (Lloyd Collins)
Owens was finally able to overhaul O’Neal for the lead on lap 83. With 12 laps to go, a caution came out for Jared Landers, who was running fourth, setting up a showdown between Owens, Bloomquist, and O’Neal. Owens darted away from the others, holding a two-car length lead over Bloomquist for most of the final circuits. It all came down to the last turn as Bloomquist made a final charge to overtake Owens; but it was Owens at the finish line after nearly slipping up in turn four on the final circuit. A late surge from Steve Casebolt vaulted him into third place. 
While O'Neal slipped back to sixth, Brian Birkhofer took over fourth, tracked by Cleveland, Texas driver Chris Brown.
Chip Brindle - Jimmy Owens at Lucas Oil Speedway
SRRS regular Chip Brindle qualified for the biggest event of his career and raced to a respectable 11th place. (Drew England)
Scott Bloomquist - Jimmy Owens at Lucas Oil Speedway Show Me 100
A small slip by #20 Jimmy Owens almost cost him a $30,000 win at Lucas Oil Speedway, but he gathered it up before fellow Tennessee driver Scott Bloomquist could completely overtake him. (Drew England)
May 28 - Lucas Oil Speedway Show-Me 100
1) Jimmy Owens, 2) Scott Bloomquist, 3) Steve Casebolt, 4) Brian Birkhofer, 5) Chris Brown, 6) Don O'Neal, 7) Steve Francis, 8) Scott James, 9) Ray Cook (prov.), 10) Jared Landers, 11) Chip Brindle, 12) Brad Neat (prov.), 13) Mike Marlar, 14) Darren Miller, 15) Dale McDowell, 16) Tyler Reddick, 17) Dan Schlieper, 18) John Blankenship, 19) Kent Robinson, 20) Eric Wells, 21) Chris Wall (prov.), 22) Jonathan Davenport, 23) Earl Pearson, Jr., 24) Dennis Erb, Jr. (prov.), 25) Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, 26) Bub McCool, 27) Jesse Stovall (prov.), 28) Terry Phillips, 29) Tony Jackson, Jr., 30) Al Purkey (prov.)

Manufacturers’ Dash: Billy Moyer, Jesse Stovall, Kyle Berck, Brian Shirley, Chris Simpson, Ray Cook, John Blankenship, Chip Brindle, Kent Robinson, Jeremy Payne, Scott Bloomquist

Race of Champions: Billy Moyer, Scott Bloomquist, Ray Cook, Brian Birkhofer, Terry Phillips, Wendell Wallace

Fast Time (81 entries): Blankenship (16.569)

First Heat (20 Laps- Top 3 Advance): Chip Brindle, Darren Miller, Kent Robinson, Eddie Carrier Jr., John Blankenship, Kelly Boen, Chad Simpson, Brady Smith, Jon Kirby, Brian Shirley, Alan Vaughn, Shane Harris, Chris Smyser, Jason Utter

Second Heat: Jared Landers, Scott Bloomquist, Scott James, Terry Phillips, Billy Moyer, Jesse Stovall, Wendell Wallace, Ray Moore, RC Whitwell, Jason Feger, Randy Zimmerman, Chris Spieker, Eric Turner

Third Heat: Brian Birkhofer, Earl Pearson Jr., Chris Brown, Jonathan Davenport, Dennis Erb Jr., Chris Simpson, David Turner, Dave Eckrich, Jeremy Payne, Gary Christian, Matt Furman, Rylan Long, Matt Johnson

Fourth Heat: Dale McDowell, Eric Wells, Mike Marlar, Stacy Taylor, Bub McCool, Brandon McCormick, Kyle Berck, Shannon Babb, RJ Conley, Frank Heckenast Jr., John Mason, Austin Siebert, Bryon Allison, Dustin Hapka

Fifth Heat: Jimmy Owens, Tyler Reddick, Steve Francis, Tony Jackson Jr., Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Al Purkey, Tim McCreadie, Austin Rettig, Brad Neat, Ray Cook, Jason Pursley, Dustin Walker, Reid Millard, Dewaine Hottinger

Sixth Heat: Dan Schlieper, Don O’Neal, Steve Casebolt, John Anderson, Billy Moyer Jr., Chris Wall, Jimmy Mars, Eric Jacobsen, Brad Looney, Jack Sullivan, Jeff Floyd, Joe Walkenhorst, Brantlee Gotschall

First B-Main (20 Laps- Top 2 Advance): John Blankenship, Terry Phillips, Billy Moyer, Eddie Carrier Jr., Wendell Wallace, Kelly Boen, Shane Harris, RC Whitwell, Alan Vaughn, Ray Moore, Randy Zimmerman, Jesse Stovall, Chad Simpson-DNS, Brady Smith-DNS, Jon Kirby-DNS, Brian Shirley-DNS, Jason Feger-DNS, Chris Spieker-DNS, Chris Smyser-DNS, Eric Turner-DNS, Jason Utter-DNS

Second B-Main: Jonathan Davenport, Bub McCool, Dennis Erb Jr., Stacy Taylor, David Turner, Chris Simpson, Frank Heckenast Jr., John Mason, Shannon Babb, Matt Johnson, Jeremy Payne, RJ Conley, Bryon Allison, Austin Siebert, Brandon McCormick, Dave Eckrich, Kyle Berck, Dustin Hapka, Gary Christian-DNS, Matt Furman-DNS, Rylan Long-DNS

Third B-Main: Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, Tony Jackson Jr., Billy Moyer Jr., Jimmy Mars, Tim McCreadie, Eric Jacobsen, Brad Looney, Brantlee Gotschall, Jeff Floyd, Ray Cook, Al Purkey, Brad Neat, Austin Rettig, Jack Sullivan, Dewaine Hottinger, Chris Wall, Dustin Walker, John Anderson, Reid Millard, Joe Walkenhortst, Jason Pursley

Jimmy Owens - Show Me 100 hd

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