- May 28-29 - Santa Maria Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Rob Mayea - Jason Papich at Santa Maria Speedway

Santa Maria's own Jason Papich warms up with #37 Rob Mayea, who like eventual winner Trevor made a very long haul from Oregon to compete with the West Coast Shootout Late Models. Mayea took sixth in the final. (K.C. Rooney)

West Coast Shootout: Oregon Long Hauler Glaser Takes Santa Maria "Nationals" 

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – May 29. With his chosen series event cancelled for the weekend, Northwest I-5 Late Model Series regular Trevor Glaser made a two-day trip from his Oregon base and brought back a prestigious trophy and a

A happy Trevor Glaser hoists a big trophy after his $5,000 win at Santa Maria Speedway. (K.C. Rooney)
$5,000 pay check after "the Nationals" Memorial Weekend special event hosted by Santa Maria Speedway and featuring the West Coast Shootout Late Models.

Dash winner Brad Pounds was joined by Mike Kirby on the front row for the 40-lap feature and raced each other hard before Kirby got the edge. Glaser quickly rolled into third and began to close the gap between himself and the leaders, catching Pounds to grab second on lap 10. Nick Bartels also slipped by Pounds for third, but those two got together, sending Bartels into a spin for the first caution on lap 20.

With the Texas double-file restart, it was Kirby out in front of Glaser and Pounds, but Glaser was soon able to reel in the leader and move low on the track to take over the lead on lap 26. Glaser then gradually pulled away to a comfortable margin and would race uncontested for the remainder. Meanwhile, Pounds had recovered to put some heat on Kirby until finally retaking second, where he finished ahead of Kirby, Chris Shannon, and Bobby Hogge.

Nick Bartels and Chris Shannon at Santa Maria Speedway West Coast Shootout

Nick Bartels is chased by #32 Chris Shannon after getting to the top five at Santa Maria.  the veteran racer got to third before getting together with Brad Pounds and taking a spin out of contention. Shannon went on to finish fourth. (K.C. Rooney) 

Santa Maria Speedway - West Coast Shootout

1) Trevor Glaser, 2) Brad Pounds, 3) Mike Kirby, 4) Chris Shannon, 5) Bobby Hogge, 6) Rob Mayea, 7) Robert Sanders, 8) Mike Johnson, 9) Steve Drake, 10) Clay Daly, 11) Jason Papich, 12) Andy Obertello, 13) Tony Toste, 14) Devin Crockett, 15) Tommy Malcolm, 16) Nick Bartels, 17) Jason Selvidge, 18) Bill Bartels, 19) Dino Napier, 20) Jeff Decker
Fast Time (24 entries): Hogge (15.935); Heat winners: Hogge, Kirby, Dale; B-Main winner: Obertello; Dash winner: Pounds

K.C. Rooney photo


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