- May 20 - Kankakee Co. Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Mike Spatola and Bret Sievert

Mike Spatola races #5 Bret Sievert at Fairbury on Saturday night after claiming his first ALMS win at Kankakee on Friday. Sievert picked up sixth place in that event. (Mike Ruefer) 

May 20 - ALMS at Kankakee Co. Speedway
1) Mike Spatola, 2) Rusty Schlenk, 3) Mike Provenzano, 4) Jon Henry, 5) Dillan White, 6) Bret Sievert, 7) Scott Schmitt, 8) Brian Ruhlman, 9) Sammy Epling, 10) Casey Noonan, 11) Jeep Van Wormer, 12) Devin Shiels, 13) Rich Bell, 14) Shawn Toczek, 15) J.R. Hotovy, 16) Aaron Ricketts, 17) Phil Ausra, 18) Curtis Roberts, 19) Randy Manos, Jr., 20) Glen Thompson, 21) Steve Dimmick, 22) Guy Volk, 23) Alan Vochaska, 24) Kerry Mathew, 25) Ryan Vanderveen
Heat winners (36 entries): Van Wormer, Roberts, Henry, Sievert; B-Main winners: Hotovy, Ricketts


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