- May 1 - Swainsboro Raceway Part 3 by Sam Holbrooks

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points standings behind McCreadie and Richards. "He was better on the top and I was better on the bottom, and I got a little high down there and let him get under me. It's my own fault."

Lanigan made several attempts to regain the lead from McCreadie, including a last-lap bid that saw the two drivers' cars make contact rounding turn four. McCreadie relished the close competition on the three-eighths-mile oval.

"It was a tough one," said McCreadie, who made his first-ever start at Swainsboro in what was the track's inaugural WoO LMS program. "We raced hard and banged for the last 10 laps. We traded some paint, which was fun. It's cool – he can take it, I can take it.

"I told Darrell, 'I don't mind racing like that as long as we can have some fun and don't kill each other.'"

Four caution flags slowed the event, including three for WoO LMS regulars. Shane Clanton was the first Outlaw to run into trouble when he pulled to a stop on the homestretch while battling for fourth on lap 14 because his car's hood flapped up to obstruct his view due to broken pins. Later, on lap 42, Brady Smith spun when he tangled with a lapped car while racing hard with Lanigan for second, and on the ensuing restart Clint Smith slowed because his car's left-rear wheel flew off.

Tim McCreadie 5-1-1 

Until Saturday, Tim McCreadie was only one of three Top 25 drivers in the nation who remained winless, but that changed in World of Outlaws action at Swainsboro, Ga. as he picked up his first win after 21 races on the season.  (Craig Whyte)

Finish - Swainsboro WoO

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