- May 13 - Bubba Raceway Park by Sam Holbrooks

Tyler Ivey - Shan Smith - Bubba Raceway Park
Tyler Ivey sails past #99 Shan Smith en route to his $5,000 win at Bubba Raceway Park (formerly Ocala Speedway) last Friday night. (Rick Warren)

Ocala Reopens Under "Bubba"; Ivey Rolls to "Mike Peters Open" Victory

BRP Media

OCALA, Fla. - May 13. With a capacity crowd appearing for the reopening of Ocala Speedway as Bubba Raceway Park, "Bubba the Love Sponge" saw the love and support of fans and racers as the late model division competed for $5000 to win in the inaugural "Mike Peters Open". Tyler Ivey earned the big payday after coming from mid-pack and taking a late lead.

Ivedent Lloyd at Bubba Raceway Park

Ivedent Lloyd ominated much of the event until cutting down a tire, with help from a lapped car. (Rick Warren)

The track dispensed with the B-Main and allowed all 28 entries to race the 30-lap main event, with Phillip Cobb drawing pole position. Before Cobb could make use of it, hwever, he found his car sideways on the start, along with Keith Nosbisch, Jason Davis, and Jim Cryer, while 24 others tried to take evasive action.

With Ivedent Lloyd leading, on lap two, Chuck Chitty got loose, and Johnny Collins and Dillon Wood spun to bring out the yellow. As the green came out for the restart, Christian Augspurger pulled into the pit area for the night.

Keith Nosbisch and Chuck Chitty at Bubba Raceway Park

Keith Nosbisch joined Tyler Ivey in advanceing from midfield to complete the 30-lap event in second. (Rick Warren)

While Lloyd dominated, Ivey and Nosbisch worked their way up from the middle of the pack before Wood, Brandon DeWitt, and Shan Smith had a meeting in turn one. As leader Lloyd passed them, contact was made with the left rear of Lloyd's #21, cutting the tire. Lloyd would stay out for the green-white-checkered finish, Ivey smelled blood and took the lead from Lloyd and raced to the win in the "Mike Peters Open". Nosbisch took second, while Dillon Wood beat Lloyd by a nose for third.

Bo Allen at Bubba Raceway Park

Bo Allen races toward a sixth place showing at BRP. (Rick Warren)

May 13 - Bubba Raceway Park "Mike Peters Open"
1) Tyler Ivey, 2) Keith Nosbisch, 3) Dillon Wood, 4) Ivedent Lloyd, Jr., 5) Adam Bedenbaugh, 6) Bo Allen, 7) Austin Kirkpatrick, 8) Brandon Cameron, 9) Billy Boyd, Jr., 10) Darrell Padgett, 11) Sean Meeks, 12) Ryan Mitchell, 13) Shan Smith, 14) Dennis Williams, 15) Phillip Cobb, 16) Justin Tilton, 17) Jim Cryer, 18) David Browning, 19) Kenny Monohan, 20) Jason Davis, 21) Jeff Mathews, 22) Brandon Dewitt, 23) David Clegg, 24) John Kohler, 25) Christian Augsperger, 26) Kyle Vansickle, 27) Johnny Collins, 28) Chuck Chitty

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