- March 6 - Volunteer Speedway "Spring Thaw" Part 2 by Sam Holbrooks

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said. "You never know what could happen tomorrow. You might fall out of a race and drop back in points

"We've got an awesome race team, car, engine, tires, shocks, I mean the whole thing is just clicking right now. I'm just real fortunate just to be able to

Skip Arp - Chris Madden

Skip Arp and #44 Chris Madden bring the Spring Thaw field up to speed at Volunteer Speedway before finishing second and third at the finish of the annual classic.  (Thomas Hendrickson)

drive the car. It's fun when you are running this well, you just have to enjoy it while youcan, cause it could change the next race."

The 38-year-old Cook's victory gives him his second straight checkered flag followed last Sunday's Southern Regional Racing Series-sanctioned "Bama Bash" victory at Green Valley Speedway in Glencoe, Ala. 

  Arp and Madden started on the front row  before Madden sprinted to an early lead early with Arp and Casebolt giving chase until they reeled in the leader in lap 11 traffic. Six laps later Cook took the third spot from Casebolt and began challenging Arptil taking second just before a slowing Mike Marlar brought out a lap-20 caution. Two laps later the second and final caution appeared for John Blankenship.

Madden stayed in command at the halfway point and after catching Madden in the lap 30 traffic, Cook began peeking under Madden. Cook made the pass stick on lap 36 and worked traffic that kept both Cook and Madden on their toes. Cook fought goff Madden's challenges the final 10 laps for the victory, his first-ever at Volunteer Speedway.

43 race teams entered this year's event.

Marlar - Walker

WHile trying to find a way underneath #1 Will Vaught at Bulls Gap, Michael Moats instead found the rear of Michael Walker's #64 car.  (Michael Moats)

Spring Thaw Finish

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