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 Will Vaught HP - Texas Motor Speedway

SUPR: Vaught Dominates "Texas World Dirt Track Championship"

By J M Hallas

FORT WORTH, Tex. - Mar. 5. Texas Motor Speedway's Dirt Track capped off this year's "Texas World Dirt Track Championship" with the SUPR Late Models highlighting the show. After the complete Late Model program, Will Vaught, of Crane, Mo., had driven to his first series win.

They call Missouri the “Show Me” state, and that's exactly what Vaught did to the Late Model field. After surrendering the early lead to Chris Brown, Vaught retook the top spot and proceeded to run away from the competition. A late caution was as close as anyone got as Vaught easily rebuilt his margin in the remaining laps.

Will Vaught - Chris Brown - Texas Motor Speedway

With Chris Brown challenging on the outside, Will Vaught circles Texas Motor Speedway en route to the win in the SUPR Series opener. (Mike Ruefer) 

After the four-wide, flag bearing salute to the crowd, Vaught beat the pack into turn one as green waved on the 40-lap, 22-car main event. Doug Begnaud and Brown trailed, but not for long as Brown swept by both for the point on lap two. Last year's champion, Jack Sullivan, brought out the yellow on lap three when he rolled to a stop in turn three.

Brown got a big jump on green, with Morgan Bagley making a charge on the top side to crack the top five. Jeff Chandler looped it in turn four to bring out another caution on lap four.

Allen Tippen - Ray Moore - SUPR

SUPR Series regulars Allen Tippin and #93 Ray Moore on Texas Motor Speedway's straight-away last Saturday. (Mike Ruefer)

On the restart, Brown again got away while Bagley began pressuring Bill Moyer, Jr. for third. A past two-time winner, Kelly Boen, got by Begnaud on lap seven for fifth. Vaught then put the heat on Brown, getting alongside on the back stretch. Vaught beat Brown back to the line to lead lap 10.

Moyer ducked inside Brown for second, then got beside Vaught, but Vaught was able to fend off the challenge. Boen got third from Bagley on lap 14. By lap 15, Vaught had begun to inch away from Moyer. At the crossed flags Vaught had a full straightaway on Moyer, with Brown, Boen and Bagley rounding out the top five.

With the leader easily dicing through traffic, Brown, Boen and Bagley were scrapping it out as they cut in and out of slower cars. Bagley got by Boen in that fight, while Ronny Hollingsworth closed on that trio. Hollingsworth grabbed fifth from Boen on lap 30.

Wendall Bolden - Timmy Culp - Gary Christian

Central Texas driver Wendall Bolden takes it three-wide with Louisiana's Timothy Culp, and Oklahoma teenager Gary Christian (#58) at TMS. (Mike Ruefer)

Gary Christian stopped with a flat right front to bring out the final caution on lap 32 and erase Vaught's big lead, but Vaught had an eight-car buffer on second place Moyer as green waved again, easily gapping the field. Brown got under Moyer for second on lap 34, with Moyer fading to Bagley and Hollingsworth, who took third and fourth. With two to go, Vaught had rebuilt his margin to a full straight and ran unchallenged to the checkers.

Will Vaught VL1 - Texas Motor Speedway SUPR

Will Vaught after capturing the opening night "Texas World Dirt Track Championship" on the Southern United Professional Racing (SUPR) tour at Fort Worth's Texas Motor Speedway. (Mike Ruefer)

“It was a lot of patience,” said the young Vaught. “Chris Brown got past me and I didn't know the outside was the place to be. When you're leading, it's hard to tell without radios where the track is working. I finally moved on the outside and the car felt good. I kept the tires underneath me and got back around him.”

“We were actually going to Tennessee to race this weekend," Vaught added. "I've always wanted to come down here and race and we got the chance. I've had friends win the cowboy hat before, so I wanted to give it a try.”

“This track drives a lot like our local tracks, so the guys from Missouri can come down here and feel comfortable. This is a new car that we ran in Volusia then took home and changed some stuff. We've got a good baseline setup we go everywhere with. If you choose the right tire and spring combination, you're usually pretty good.”

Terry Phillips Mod - Texas Motor Speedway

Terry Phillips, of Springfield, Mo., made it a Show-Me State sweep with his win in the Modified portion of the "Texas World Dirt Track Championship". (Mike Ruefer)


Feb.5 - SUPR - Texas Motor Speedway
1) Will Vaught, 2) Chris Brown, 3) Morgan Bagley, 4) Ronny Hollingsworth, 5) Kelly Boen, 6) Billy Moyer, Jr., 7) Kevin Sitton, 8) Doug Begnaud, 9) Jack Sullivan, 10) Wendell Wallace, 11) Jeff Chanler, 12) Chris Holley, 13) Timothy Culp, 14) Robbie Starnes, 15) Ray Moore, 16) Skip O'Neal, 17) Matt Johnson, 18) Allen Murray, 19) Wendall Bolden, 20) Allen Tippen, 21) Gary Christian, 22) Josh Danzy.
Top Qualifier (39 entries - passing pts.): Begnaud; Heat winners: Vaught, Hollingsworth, Brown, Chanler; Last Chance Qualifiers: O'Neal, Culp.


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