- Mar. 12 - Cleveland Speedway Shamrock 100 by Sam Holbrooks


Shane Clanton - Shamrock 100 1011

Shane Clanton drives his new Capitol Race Car to his first win with the brand in Saturday's "Shamrock 100" at Cleveland Speedway.  (Thomas Hendrickson)

Shane Clanton - Shamrock 60 winner

Locust Grove, Ga.'s Shane Clanton after Saturday's "Shamrock 100" at Cleveland Speedway.  (Thomas Hendrickson)

Southern All Stars: Clanton Checks Out For Shamrock Victory at Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - Mar. 12. A dominant Shane Clanton raced to a $10,000 win in Saturday's 16th annual "Shamrock 60" at Cleveland Speedway. The , Locust Grove, Ga. veteran led all 60 laps in a race that saw few cautions to interrupt his blistering pace.

The win was also the first for fellow Georgia resident Marshall Green, who saw his new Capitol Race car of his own design sitting in Victory Lane for the first time.

Todd Morrow - David Payne - Cleveland Speedway

Todd Morrow races second ahead of #8 David Payne before Payne made a move for the position in the only significant pass inside the top five. (Michael Moats)

Jake Knowles - Bo Shirley - Shamrock 60

Jake Knowles chases Alabama veteran Bo Shirley (111) before Shirley was taken out in a wreck with another car. (Thomas Hendrickson)

With 38 entries on hand, Dale McDowell grabbed fast time honors with his 14.836-second lap, but was unable to stop the fleet Clanton in the first heat race. With the feature green, Clanton left the fight for second, with Todd Morrow and David Payne the initial players. Payne battled his way into the spot just before a lap five caution fpr a tangle involving Randy Weaver and Jeff Franklin, along with Shawn Chastain, Tommy Kerr, and Jake Knowles. Franklin's ride aggainst the outside wall took his race car out of the hunt.

Jeff Franklin - Randy Weaver - Cleveland

Jeff Franklin gets up onto the wall after contact from #116 Randy Weaver, ending Frankin's night early. (Michael Moats)

Dale McDowell set fast time for the Shamrock 100 at Cleveland Speedway. (Thomas Hendrickson)
Clanton held a strong advantage after the restart, while Morrow fought to get his second spot back from Payne, but the track proved unyielding. The two were able to reel in Clanton as the leader attempted to clear lapped traffic, but with a caution on lap 42, the coast was clear again. With the restart, the caution reappeared as rookie Tanner Works and Bo Shirley got together, retiring both for the night.

Back under way, passing continued to be difficult on the dusty track, and with Clanton sailing to the win, the top five remained the same as Payne put in his best ever Shamrock showing in second, ahead of Morrow and Jimmy Owens. McDowell completed the top five after holding off young driver William Thomas.

Jimmy Owens - Wm Thomas - Cleveland Speedway

Jimmy Owens and #22 William Thomas race side by side before ultimately finishing fourth and sixth, respectively. (Thomas Hendrickson) 

Riley Hickman - Tanner Works - Ray Cook

Riley Hickman chases #53 Ray Cook and rookie Tanner Works at Cleveland before Works got tangled with Bo Shirley. (Michael Moats) 

Mar. 12 - Shamrock 60 - Cleveland Speedway
1) Shane Clanton, 2) David Payne, 3) Todd Morrow, 4) Jimmy Owens, 5) Dale McDowell, 6) William Thomas, 7) Ray Cook, 8) Riley Hickman, 9) Billy Ogle, Jr., 10) Derek Ellis, 11) Tommy Kerr (prov.), 12) Tanner Works, 13) Bo Shirley, 14) Shawn Chastain, 15) Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, 16) Randy Weaver, 17) Mike Marlar, 18) Jake Knowles (prov., 19) Eric Wells, 20) Mike Weeks, 21) Steve Smith, 22) Brandon Williams, 23) Skip Arp, 24) Jeff Franklin.
Fast Time (38 entries): McDowell (14.836); Heat winners: Clanton, Payne, Morrow, Owens; B-Main winners: Weaver, Smith.


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