- Mar.12 - Golden Isles Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Race winner Steve Shaver at Golden Isles Speedway. (Scott Miller)
Shaver Sweeps "Superbowl" at Golden Isles

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Mar. 12. In a weekend of of racing reminiscent of last year's sweep of a pair of World of Outlaws Racing Series events at his home track at West Virginia Motor Speedway, Vienna, W.V. veteran Steve Shaver similarly ran the table this weekend in the "Superbowl of Auto Racing" at Golden Isles Speedway. His second win of the weekend was woth $10,000.

Shaver started third on the grid behind polesitter Jared Landers, but outside front row starter Bub McCool grabbed an early lead over Jonathan Davenport, while Bobby Creel worked his way by Landers, Scott Bloomquist, and Shaver and into third. By lap ten, Creel had dived under Davenport to take over second, and Shaver soon followed suit as Landers continued to slide backward.

Steve Francis - Dale Hammond - Golden Isles Speedway

Steve Francis races by #9 Dale Hammond on his way to second in his new Barry Wright Race Car. (Scott Miller)

As McCool negotiated slower traffic by lap 15, Creel had his hands full with Shaver, who was challenging hard for the runner up spot. As Shaver made a pass stick, Creel began to give up some ground, losing third to Davenport. At the halfway point it was a three-way fight for the lead with McCool,

Bub McCool - Johnny Pursley - Tyler Ivey

Bub McCool lod the early laps of the Superbowl at Golden Isles before taking his second top five of the weekend. Johnny Pursley (09) and 47 Tyler Ivey picked up 13th and 14th. (Scott Miller)

Davenport, and Shaver. Shaver finally prevailed with a winning pass on lap 26, and by then, Steve Francis and Bloomquist had entered the fray to challenge McCool and Davenport.

As McCool and now Francis diced for second a caution slowed the pace on lap- 31, clearing the track for Shaver. After the restart, Francis secured second and McCool found himself battling Bloomquist for third. As the laps clicked off, Bloomquist disposed of McCool and engaged Francis with ten remaining. In the

Jared Landers - Jonathan Davenport - Golden Isles Speedway

Fast qualifier and polesitter Jared Landers gets an outside challenge from #49 Jonathan Davenport. Landers faded back to seventh for his second top ten of the weekend at Brunswick. Davenport got the better of Landers and advanced to fourth place. (Scott Miller)

final circuits, Francis was able to keep Bloomquist at bay and reel in the leader, but Shaver was able to fend off his longtime foe to garner his second win of the weekend.

Chris Madden set fast time for the event, but was forced to bring out a backup car due to mechanical issues and started on the last row. Madden made a strong run to claim sixth place at the finish.

March 12 - Golden Isles Speedway Super Bowl of Auto Racing
1) Steve Shaver, 2) Steve Francis, 3) Scott Bloomquist, 4) Jonathan Davenport, 5) Bub McCool, 6) Chris Madden, 7) Jared Landers, 8) Dan Schlieper, 9) Clint Smith, 10) Brian Reese, 11) Scott Creel, 12) Johnny Pursley, 13) Tyler Ivey, 14) Earl Pearson, Jr., 15) Mike Nasworthy, 16) Casey Barrow, 17) Dale Hammond, 18) Brad Neat, 19) Donald Bradsher, 20) Brian Nuttal, 21) Brent Dixon, 22) Jordy Nipper, 23) Casey Roberts, 24) Mike Collins
Fast Time (24 entries): Madden (15.330); Heat winners (24 entries): Landers, McCool, Shaver, Davenport

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