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Lernerville Speedway - Sarver, Pennsylvania

August 27:  Entering Friday's event with a 38-point lead, Dave Hess, Jr. simply had to start his heat race to capture his first career Lernerville Speedway track championship, which he did.  Unfortunately for Hess, he didn’t record a win or even a top five finish.  Hess found the front stretch wall on lap seven and had to be towed to the pits with an unceremonious DNF.  Hess joins his father as a Lernerville Speedway Late Model Track Champion; Dave Hess Sr. was the Track Champion in 1980 and 1983.

Jared Miley - Lernerville Speedway Aug 27

Jared Miley tracks down second place Dave Murdick to claim his second straight LM win at Lernerville Speedway. Dave Hess, Jr. (below) scored his first trak title by simply starting the event, but he finished the hard way. (Cory Stivason)


John Mollick started on the outside pole and took the lead from Chuck Sarver on lap two.  For the next 23 laps it appeared as though Mollick would end the season in Sheetz Victory Lane after experiencing some of the worst luck of any driver throughout the season.  But last week’s feature winner Jared Miley had other plans! 

After starting 10th, Miley steadily made his way forward, avoided a few cautions and battled Dave Murdick for second place for most of the final 15 laps of the feature.  Miley finally cleared Murdick for good on lap 22 and set his sights on Mollick.  It appeared as though Miley’s charge would be too little, too late, but he slid under Mollick and took the lead in turns one and two.  Mollick tried to return the favor and slide under Miley in turns three and four, but Miley rocketed off the top of turn four and took his second straight DIRTcar Late Model feature to close the 2010 Fab Four Racing Season.

John Mollick had his best run and finish of the season, but it was a bittersweet second place.  “Double Duty” Dave Murdick scored his second top five of the night by finishing third.  Doug Eck finished fourth ahead of Lynn Geisler. ~ Lernerville Speedway p.r.


Jared Miley - Doug Eck - Cory Stivason 

Race winner Jared Miley moves by #03 Doug Eck to claim the August 20th LM win at Lernerville Speedway. Miley holds a close second to Dave Hess, Jr. in track points going into the final points race of the season on the 27th. (Cory Stivason)

August 20 Top 5: 1) Jared Miley, 2) Lynn Geisler, 3) Dave Hess Jr., 4) Doug Eck, 5) Dan Swartzlander


August 13 Top 5: See Aug. 13 UFO special event coverage.


Gregg Satterlee - Lernerville Speedway Aug. 6 

Gregg Satterlee races a lapped car as he passes the checkered flag for the August 6th Late Model win at Lernerville Speedway. (Cory Stivason)

August 6 Top 5:  1) Greg Satterlee, 2) Lynn Geisler, 3) Dave Murdick, 4) Ken Schaltenbrand, 5) Jared Miley


July 30 - Eck - Hess - Lernerville Speedway July 30

Doug Eck held off a strong challenge from #44 Dave Hess, Jr. for half of the July 30th feature at Lernerville before Hess managed to make the winning move on lap 22. (Cory Stivason) 

July 30 Top 5: 1) Dave Hess, Jr. 2) Doug Eck; 3) Matt Lux, 4) Jared Miley, 5) Dave Murdick.


Chub Frank - Lernerville Speedway - July 23

Chub Frank returned to Lernerville Speedway to fight off a strong group of locals to win the July 23rd LM feature at the Sarver, Pa. track. (Cory Stivason)

July 23 Top 5: 1) Chub Frank, 2) Jared Miley, 3) Jimmie Pitkavish, 4) Gregg Satterlee, 5) Doug Eck.


Jared Miley - Alex Ferree - Lernerville Speedway  

Even with multiple restarts, Jared Miley couldn't upset #4 Alex Ferree's drive toward his firsy win of the season and his 18th career Lernerville Speedway win on July 16th. (Cory Stivason)

July 16 Top 5: 1. Alex Ferree, 2. Jared Miley, 3. Gregg Satterlee, 4. Doug Eck, 5. John Garvin Jr.


Dave Hess Jr - Ken Schaltenbrand - Lernerville Speedway

Ken Schaltenbrad gives #44 Dave Hess, Jr. some pressure before Hess pulled away to the July 3rd win at Lernerville Speedway. (Cory Stivason)

July 3 Late Model Finish: 1) Dave Hess, Jr. 2) Kenny Schaltenbrand, 3) Doug Eck, 4) Alex Ferree, 5) Mike Johnson. 


June 18 Late Model Finish: 1) Dave Hess, Jr (started 7th), 2) Lynn Geisler, 3) Gregg Satterlee, 4) Jared Miley, 6) Matt Lux.

June 11 Late Model Finish: 1. Mike Johnson, 2. Dave Hess, Jr., 3. John Flinner, Ron Davies, 5. Jared Miley.

June 4 Pro DirtCar Finish: 1. Mike Pegher, 2. David Scott, 3. Butch Lambert, Chris Schneider, 5. Bill Stile III

May 28 Finish: 1. Gregg Satterlee, 2. Chub Frank, 3. Jared Miley, 4. Dave Hess, Jr., 5. Matt Lux

May 21 Finish: 1. Chub Frank, 2. Dave Hess, Jr., 3. Dave Murdick, 4. Alex Ferree, 5. John Flinner.

May 14 Finish: 1. Greg Satterlee, 2. Dave Hess, Jr.  3. Jared Miley, 4. Alex Ferree, 5. John Garvin, Jr.

May 7 Finish: 1. Matt Lux, 2. Greg Satterlee, 3. Lynn Geisler, 4. Dave Hess, Jr., 5. Alex Ferree

April 24 Finish: 1. Chub Frank, 2. Jared Miley, 3. Dave Hess, Jr. 4. Boom Briggs, 5. Lynn Geisler

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